Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snow days!

We experienced one of those oh so rare snow snow days today and we get another tomorrow. The girls are thrilled, Jeff is stuck in Edmond and I have cabin fever. We are supposed to get above freezing tomorow afternoon and the snow has stopped so I will be able to get and hopefully Jeff will get home for the weekend.

The picture on top is a a gorgeous Oklahoma sunrise. That barn is just east of our property. It is metal and rattles when the wind gets going. Just a few days after I took the picture we had very strong winds that took that barn down...finally. There's very little left standing and pieces of it ended up in our yard.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A witch and a cat

Last night was a gorgeous night for Trick-or-Treat. The sky was clear, the winds calm for once and though it was cold, it was still a nice night.

Papa took the girls out around town while I sat on the porch with coffee to curb the chill and popcorn balls for the little spooks. We had quite a parade of goblins come by. I really wish Jeff could have been there. Last year he brought the fire bowl around front and we had a fire. I barely managed getting the giant pumpkins up in the yard.

The picture is of the girls and my friend Alison's kids, Kendyll and Quinten.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Cats, basketball and Halloween

We took the bad boys into the vet today for shots and to talk with the vet about their upcoming gender, um, reassignment. Well, it really won't be a reassignment, they just won't have a gender. Poor guys!

Hannah had a game to cheer at today while Soph and I took the cats on their little trip. The boys team won, finally, and the girls lost. Alison really has done a grea job coaching. She has way more patience than I could even hope for! In fact I sent one of my 6th grade boys to the office with a discipline slip today. It was my first and Alison said I was no longer a "virgin". My tight schedule doesn't allow for me to compete with misbehavior and I can't tolerate it.

Sophie will be a witch for Halloween and Hannah will be her black cat. I'll post pictures later this week. I don't look forward to the busyness of tomorrow. I have two parties to cater to and then my own kids (all 45 of them) will be absolutely nuts with excitement. But it will be a fun day. I bought three cases of popcorn balls to give out to my kids when they come to the house.

It's killing Jeff that he is missing Halloween with the girls. Baby....I will email pics ASAP and send an AVI too.

Until the next time.....

Monday, June 12, 2006

I thought I would get this thing going to keep me busy and update everyone on our doings while Jeff and I are getting used to this new arrangement we have.

The first two weeks have gone pretty smooth and I think we might just make it through this next year. Being a part is wierd, but uncomfortably easy. Why is that? Is it 17 years of knowing each other and being secure in that familiarity? I dunno... But we are getting through.

We have kittens and I will post pictures soon. The Mouse seems comfortable in her new role as mother and is pretty laid back about it all. Well, until Alison came over with an abandoned newborn kitten and wanted to see is Mouse would adopt it. In so many growls Mouse said "no".

Certification for me is coming along and I should be teaching this fall. I'm pretty surprised still at the ease of it all. The journalism OSAT is the 24th, results the 21st of July, an interview and I'm certified. Then in September I will certify in Elementary Ed. I should take the final competantcies in the spring or next fall.

The pic is me, Tonya and second grade on the day of our wacky awards. It was a fun year!