Monday, October 30, 2006

Cats, basketball and Halloween

We took the bad boys into the vet today for shots and to talk with the vet about their upcoming gender, um, reassignment. Well, it really won't be a reassignment, they just won't have a gender. Poor guys!

Hannah had a game to cheer at today while Soph and I took the cats on their little trip. The boys team won, finally, and the girls lost. Alison really has done a grea job coaching. She has way more patience than I could even hope for! In fact I sent one of my 6th grade boys to the office with a discipline slip today. It was my first and Alison said I was no longer a "virgin". My tight schedule doesn't allow for me to compete with misbehavior and I can't tolerate it.

Sophie will be a witch for Halloween and Hannah will be her black cat. I'll post pictures later this week. I don't look forward to the busyness of tomorrow. I have two parties to cater to and then my own kids (all 45 of them) will be absolutely nuts with excitement. But it will be a fun day. I bought three cases of popcorn balls to give out to my kids when they come to the house.

It's killing Jeff that he is missing Halloween with the girls. Baby....I will email pics ASAP and send an AVI too.

Until the next time.....