Monday, June 29, 2009

Mystery Solved

The mystery has been solved about where the baby birds are coming from that are being murdered by Zoe and Chloe. See the daddy bird? See the yellow weeds/flowers on the bottom left? There is a Killdeer nest on the ground to the right of the flowers.

This is momma bird. She flew out of the nest as I approached.

This is daddy bird again. I love how he is looking at me like "Who are you? Go away!"

Three little eggs that I hope will hatch and I hope the babies survive. Part of me thinks this is a beautiful testament to the continuity of life despite the odds of failure (killer corgis, cats, etc...) or maybe killdeer are just dumb birds.

These are weeds I am sure, or "wild flowers", but they really are pretty.

Mom and dad kept a good eye on me while I took pictures. The nest is just on the other side of our fence. When I got the dogs their crates each one came with a dividing wall of black metal wire. We never use them so I took one and I zip-tied it to our fence next to the nest for extra protection. Hopefully I have corgi-proofed the nest.

One final pic of hubby fighting the endless sand-burr battle. Next year pre-emergent is a must.


the.fortes said...

Whoops...sorry bout that! We did know about the sand burs and they were very annoying. That was the one thing I hated about the back yard. The Richards had to have their yard treated, but your yard is way bigger!

Ed Elder said...

The "wild flowers"...Black Eyed Susans?

State flower of Maryland

Ed Elder said...

Joan said...

C.forte - Oklahoma = sandburrs! We knew better and should have pre-treated.

Ed - thanks for the link! I am terrible about plant ID but I was thinking they were black eyed susans.

Amy said...

We had a nest like that last year and watched them hatch. Alas, Elephant "took care of them" before they left the nest.