Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Garden

I've never had Russian Sage before. At first I thought it was lavender. I really chopped it back in late spring and was tempted to pull it all up. Really, it was just a bunch of sticks just a month or so ago.

But I decided to let it grow and see what happened. I'm so glad I did not uproot it! It is wonderful, unruly, but wonderful! It is full of bumblebees too and that is one good reason to just let it sprawl right now.

My Vinca I planted in the front garden. I love the bright, cheery flowers.

One of the many bumblebees flitting around the Russian Sage. I think I might cut a bunch of the sage and stuff it into the old red milk can we have on the porch and see how it dries. I had a bouquet of it in the house but Noodle didn't like the smell and the tiny blossoms that eventually dropped make a terrible mess.

The front garden. I rescued the pine from the back yard. When we fenced the yard we left about 1/6 of the acre unfenced and that little pine was back there. I brought it around front and I really like it in the garden. We keep it watered and test its needles daily. So good...


the.fortes said...

Joan! Thanks for writing on our blog! I am so glad to have a link to yours to see your beautiful girls and the house we built! We love the fence, btw. We miss it dearly and I cried a bit reading your message and seeing your blog (um, we know we moved for a reason, but it hasn't gone well and we want to get back to OK...don't post that on our blog, though) but I am glad you found me. I often dream of your house (our old house) and visiting it. If we end up back in OK like we pray we do, we would love to stop by when Cole is older to at least show him the outside of the house:). Please keep in touch and feel free to comment and all! I love comments!!!!

Joan said...

Anytime you are in OK you are more than welcome to come by. We would love to have you. =)

We hung a ceiling fan in Cole's/Hannah's room today...goodness that room gets warm!

Hang in there in NC. We lived there for a few years and eventually learned to love it, but we were glad to get back home.

Carrie said...

Remember to soak your pine once a week for a year. It will thank you.