Monday, June 15, 2009


If you haven't met Chloe (tri) and Zoe (red/white), our Welsh Corgi puppies, then here they are! The other cutie is one of those awesome chicks we spawned.

These pups are giving us fits. The eat and chew everything! I know. I know. They are puppies and puppies chew but I am afraid there will be nothing left of our yard once they are through with summer.

This was my little 4x4 garden. I had peppers, tomatoes, a few herbs, strawberries and onions. Only onions remain as a pitiful testament to all my hard work and the cash plunked down at Lowes. It is now a puppy dirt-box.

I decided to pull up the onions lest they suffer the same horrific demise as their garden cousins.

This was a fruit tree planted by the previous owners. They chewed and chewed...

Until it was dead! Murderers!

I'm trying to grow peppers in pots, since the garden didn't work out. So far, they are safe but the pots aren't.

This is one of our brand, spankin' new chair cushions. The other were chewed and gutted....white fluff littered the yard.

This is their play-yard. See how messy it is? They have no respect for their own space let alone ours!

Chloe: inmate #43259890 Release date: undetermined

Zoe: inmate #29453684 Release date: undertermined

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shawna said...

hahahaha...i have had puppies too, and they have destroyed everything! love the way you described them as despicable inmates!!! cute they are, and we end up loving them throughout their "terrible twos"!!