Friday, July 31, 2009

A thing of beauty

Early morning, we are kenneled when usually we are free and roaming the back yard. We are penned up when normally we are running and barking at our neighbors... Something's up! Wait...
What is that we hear......?
What in the world is coming through our gate?

It's big and yellow and scary! Mommy says it will put our hole-digging to shame!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

10 Things Thursday

10 things I know and don’t know about blogging

I’m really new at this blogging thing. I started, really, back in May. I’ve learned a lot, need to learn a whole lot more, and still I know so little. About every other day I will read the web, blogs, web sites, anything to help me learn. I read until I get overwhelmed. That takes about ten minutes. Occasionally I might try something. Mostly I don’t.

So, here’s some of what I know and don’t know.

1. I know I really like having a blog. I like to write and I like to examine things that run through my head; makes it less scary in there.

2. I don’t know what “blog-rolling” is. Do you?

3. I don’t know how some bloggers keep up with their contests and their daily or weekly themes. I try to do “wordless Wednesday” and one day I posted on a Tuesday and yesterday I got so excited about my blueberry parfait that I forgot it was Wednesday.

4. I know that blogging has brought out the photographer in me. Photography is always something I have loved to do but my mind wasn’t in gear with it. Now it is. I find myself always grabbing my camera for something. I never take one or two shots; I always take 20 or 30. You gotta love digital!

5. I know that Shabby Blogs and Cutest Blog on the Block have the best backgrounds and stuff. Love them!

6. I don’t know how an RSS feed works or why you want it. I’ve tried subscribing to other blogs and the feed goes to my Yahoo page and never updates so I then I delete it.

7. I know if my readers looked at my live traffic feed they would probably think I am constantly checking my blog. Well, sometimes I am and sometimes I’m using my “Blogs I follow” list to click through. Update ~ I figured out that I can ignore myself. So now it doesn't look like I have a stalker from Guthrie.

8. I know that I have read some really good blogs and that I am getting to know some really neat people that I would have never known exisited.

9. I don’t know how in the world I will find time to manage two blogs once school starts. But I will…because I have come to really like it.

10. Shoot….I don’t know if I am doing any of this blogging thing right at all!

Oh well! Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Parfait Perfection

My blog-buddy over at Frugal Fine Living inspired me with one of her posts to make a parfait for breakfast. I’m trying to eat healthier and I really want to add more variety to my meals, especially breakfast. Parfaits are so easy! All you need is yogurt, fruit, and cereal of your choice.

You start with a nice clear receptacle. It has to be clear because you really need to see how pretty it is. I have little ice cream sundae dishes but they were too small. So I used this heavy bar glass and I liked how it turned out…wait…you’ll see.

I used Greek yogurt, vanilla flavored. If you’ve never used Greek yogurt before, try it, you’re in for a treat! It is so creamy, even the fat free version. Add about half the yogurt to your glass and spread it even.

Then add your fruit.

I chose blueberries.

Next add the cereal. Choose something healthy like granola or kashi brand cereals. Adding Fruity Pebbles to your parfait defeats the healthy eating purpose. I used Kashi Go Lean.



I think for my next parfait (gotta get more Greek yogurt) I’m going to use bananas and Kashi’s Coacoa Beach granola.

I love Lists ~ Why is that?

Last night I spent way too much time reading lists on 11points. If you love lists it a very addicting site. Blogging seems to be all about lists. My blog is a list. I have a list of blog entries. I have a list of people who follow my blogs and I keep a list of blogs I follow.

I'm not sure why I love reading lists. I love making lists just as much. Maybe it is because it puts all the information I want into a quick read. Who knows? But I love lists.

Here's a list just for today ~

Four things I love about Oklahoma

1. Oklahoma City
I love that we are just north of this wonderful, vibrant city. Oklahoma City has gone through a lot of changes since I moved here. Brick Town is such a fantastic place to visit. It has walking tours, a water taxi, baseball, great places to eat, outdoor entertainment and so much more.

2. The Land
Not all of Oklahoma is this flat. There are a lot of hills here but there is the prairie too. I love being able to see forever.

3. The Wichita Mountain
We have spent a great deal of time hiking the Wichitas. Since we have moved up near OKC we don't get that pleasure as often. I love the raw beauty of those old mountains.

4. Sonic
I know Sonic is in more states than Oklahoma, but it was started here and remains an Oklahoma icon. We love their slushies, burgers and tots. (Remember the tot murder?!) I'm not a diet coke fan but there is just nothing better than a Sonic diet coke....something about the Styrofoam cup, the ice they use...I don't know. I do know there are many that agree with me. Oh, and how can I forget the Cherry Limeade! Gotta love Sonic!

Monday, July 27, 2009

New Blog and other things

I had originally thought that I would use this blog for family and work. But I have decided to make another blog (because when school starts again I will have all the time in the world) just for school.

The new blog is "Teaching isn't for wimps". I don't have anything going on just yet, but you might want to follow it or bookmark it so when I get it going you will know. Of course, I will let you know on this blog too.

On to other things...

It is rainy and cool here today. That means my pool guy is another day behind. He finally emailed me (I think he's afraid of me and won't call) and said that they are finishing a job and they would be digging this week. He did say he would call today and let me know which day they would start. Who wants to bet it will be Friday and not tomorrow?

Oh, well! I'm still really glad we are getting a pool. I've wanted one all my life.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pool? No pool?

I'm getting a little frustrated with this pool situation. My pool guy is really busy and terrible about returning phone calls. When we signed our contract back on June 13th, he said July 27th was our start date. They have a some other pools to build and felt that date was definitely workable.

We returned from vacation on the 22nd and I started calling him (he has two phone numbers) and leaving messages on Thursday. At this point I have no idea whether I will have the beginnings of a pool in my backyard tomorrow or not. Husband thinks we should call the whole thing off. I am not for that plan and even if I was, how would I do that since this guy does not answer his phone!

I'll keep dreaming of this:

And I will keep you posted!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Some things never change

We were gone ten days on our vacation and though we were gone we were never far from the news or information. Maybe some people go on vacation to get away from their lives but we don't. We go to see new stuff and family. We like being connected to what is going on. Our iphones made such a difference on this trip. Not only were they great for maps and finding gas stations (the app "yelp" can be useful but not always accurate) I could check email, Facebook and my blog.

Being so connected helped me learn (while I was on the road somewhere in Texas) that my principal at my school resigned out of the blue. I really liked him and felt he really supported us teachers. But then I learned (somewhere in New Mexico) that the new principal is an awesome administrator I know and I think the board made an excellent choice. Like the board cares what I think!

In a hotel room in Lincoln City I learned that a family we knew in our old hometown lost a child. She was nine years old and it was heartbreaking.

But back home nothing really changed.

The boys, Tater and Dore, turned three and...

The pups are still ill-behaved. They took down the little fence I had put around my garden and turned it into their own personal dirt-box. My basil still stands so today I think I will dig it out and pot it.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

10 things I did on vacation

10 things I did on vacation

1. Waded in the Pacific Ocean

2. Read this really, really good book. Now I have to drag husband to see the movie whether he wants to see it or not!

3. Spent too much time wondering about the child who left this doll by the Petrified Forest sign. This baby doll was well-loved and I knew some child was missing it.

4. Walked to the M&M store in Las Vegas in 109 degree heat and spent $12.95 a pound for candy!

5. Drank coffee at the edge of the Pacific ocean at 7:00 a.m. and felt like I could stay there forever.

6. Took this picture of a tourist trap in Utah. We did not stop but we were amused!

7. Enjoyed time with my family. We gathered from all over the country and I saw relatives I had not seen since I was a child. Always fun!

8. Said "goodbye" to my dad.

9. Was amazed by the grand canyon and the decent pictures I could take with my iphone!

10. Fell in love with sweet, sweet Violet. She is my newest little relative from Utah. She made the family reunion perfect because it isn't a reunion if there is not a baby toddling around. Violet filled her role perfectly. She flirted, cooed, grinned, snuggled and successfully wrapped all of us around her delicate little finger.

My visit with family was all too short. There were so many more people I would have loved to have seen in Washington but time was so short.

It was a good trip. I ate too much, slept poorly most of the time, but it was all worth it. I decided that Utah is the most spectacular state I have ever driven through and we have been through a lot.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Worth the wait...

I cannot seem to get pictures to upload at these hotels or it takes ten minutes. Regardless...

We made left Vegas Tuesday morning and drove all day to Sacramento. We stayed the night and on Wednesday we drove slow, curvy roads to Crescent City. Wow, the views were amazing, the Redwoods tall and the temps rapidly dropped from 101 outside of Sacramento to 53 at the coast. Love it!

The first beach you get to once you get to the coast is Clam Beach and we took the girls down for their first taste of the Pacific. When we left, Hannah said it ached inside to leave....I completely understand.

We drove yesterday to Lincoln City and we are leaving this morning to spend a few days with family.

It isn't easy leaving the coast. I spent some time this morning drinking coffee, wrapped in a blanket outside just above the beach. It took six days to get here and it was definitely worth the wait...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

-- Vegas was a disappointment. The strip was an awesome view but we could not escape the cig smoke and the BO! Yuck!

From My iPhone

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Albuquerque to the Grand Canyon

Sucky hotel computer connection cannot handle larger pictures! Oh well! Here we two of the big trip west!

We loved the drive through western New Mexico. It was gorgeous! Arizona, Eastern Arizona, was not as pretty.

But we did stop at the Petrified Forest and it was really pretty. The temp was up there or we would have done some hiking. Coming in to Flagstaff, and the drive out of Flagstaff and to the Grand Canyon was much prettier. I think I could move to Flagstaff in a heartbeat!

The Grand Canyon views were amazing. I wish that we could have done some serious hiking there.

It was much cooler than the Petrified Forest and the girls really liked it.

What I did not like about the Grand Canyon was how touristy it was. I'm glad it is popular with people all over the world, but the place was just crawling with included! The prices were sky-high and our hotel, despite being just outside the park wasn't so hot. All in all the Grand Canyon is amazing, but the town, Tusayan, AZ, is a sad, colorless, over-priced place.

Off to Vegas tomorrow!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Guthrie to Albuquerque

West Texas Panhandle
Iphone picture from the truck window.

We had fairly smooth travel today. Hannah did get queasy, but once we put her in the front seat she felt better. I rode in the back with Noodle and there is so much room back there that I was more comfortable than in the front seat. We are over-nighting at the Hampton and ate dinner at a wonderful Mexican place called Maricosa's Atlamar.

Tomorrow I will have more pictures...I promise!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Another Murder!

If you're not familiar with Sonic, it is a wonderful drive-up burger place that originated in Oklahoma. They are famous with my kids for their Sonic Tot Toys (Sonic has wonderful tater tots). I regret to inform you that Count-tot-ula has been cruelly murdered.

This is what he looked like last night. He thought he was safe and loved by that gold and white puppy.

But little did he know his days were numbered! Poor tot!


It seems I'm becoming a bird person. Not something I ever thought I would be very interested in, but here is another post about birds.

The baby Killdeer have gotten fluffy. I imagine they will be gone when we get home from vacation. But they are cute now.

This guy was hanging out in the back yard yesterday. Isn't he gorgeous? He's a Western Meadow Lark.

I thought this little blue bird was cute too!