Sunday, July 12, 2009

Albuquerque to the Grand Canyon

Sucky hotel computer connection cannot handle larger pictures! Oh well! Here we two of the big trip west!

We loved the drive through western New Mexico. It was gorgeous! Arizona, Eastern Arizona, was not as pretty.

But we did stop at the Petrified Forest and it was really pretty. The temp was up there or we would have done some hiking. Coming in to Flagstaff, and the drive out of Flagstaff and to the Grand Canyon was much prettier. I think I could move to Flagstaff in a heartbeat!

The Grand Canyon views were amazing. I wish that we could have done some serious hiking there.

It was much cooler than the Petrified Forest and the girls really liked it.

What I did not like about the Grand Canyon was how touristy it was. I'm glad it is popular with people all over the world, but the place was just crawling with included! The prices were sky-high and our hotel, despite being just outside the park wasn't so hot. All in all the Grand Canyon is amazing, but the town, Tusayan, AZ, is a sad, colorless, over-priced place.

Off to Vegas tomorrow!

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a corgi said...

I'm with you; I could live in Flagstaff; I like that town.

enjoyed the pictures; I agree with you about the Grand Canyon; beautiful but touristy. The first time we went, years ago, in the early 1980s, we ate a McDonald's for breakfast. The price of the egg mcmuffin was $1.98 whereas the local McDonald in So. Calif was much less than that. I remember them saying they had to charge more because they had to bring water into the area; I guess there's no natural water table or something; can't remember all the details but it struck me at the time of how unique that would be

westward ho!