Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I love Lists ~ Why is that?

Last night I spent way too much time reading lists on 11points. If you love lists it a very addicting site. Blogging seems to be all about lists. My blog is a list. I have a list of blog entries. I have a list of people who follow my blogs and I keep a list of blogs I follow.

I'm not sure why I love reading lists. I love making lists just as much. Maybe it is because it puts all the information I want into a quick read. Who knows? But I love lists.

Here's a list just for today ~

Four things I love about Oklahoma

1. Oklahoma City
I love that we are just north of this wonderful, vibrant city. Oklahoma City has gone through a lot of changes since I moved here. Brick Town is such a fantastic place to visit. It has walking tours, a water taxi, baseball, great places to eat, outdoor entertainment and so much more.

2. The Land
Not all of Oklahoma is this flat. There are a lot of hills here but there is the prairie too. I love being able to see forever.

3. The Wichita Mountain
We have spent a great deal of time hiking the Wichitas. Since we have moved up near OKC we don't get that pleasure as often. I love the raw beauty of those old mountains.

4. Sonic
I know Sonic is in more states than Oklahoma, but it was started here and remains an Oklahoma icon. We love their slushies, burgers and tots. (Remember the tot murder?!) I'm not a diet coke fan but there is just nothing better than a Sonic diet coke....something about the Styrofoam cup, the ice they use...I don't know. I do know there are many that agree with me. Oh, and how can I forget the Cherry Limeade! Gotta love Sonic!


a corgi said...

it looks really pretty there!! I've never been to or driven through Oklahoma, but one day I'd like to make sure I see as many of the 50 states as I can

I'll have to check out that list site; the only lists I seem to make these days are grocery lists (which I often forget to bring with me to the store :)


Teresa said...

Hey Joan,

I'm so glad to see you and your family arrived home from your vacation safe and sound. It sounds like you had a great time and made some wonderful memories together.

I'm sorry your pool guy isn't cooperating with you and that the project hasn't been started yet. My husband has worked in various capacities in the construction industry his whole life and actually built our 'dream home' which we moved into last year. We have definitely learned the hard way that if the contractor gives you a difficult time just getting the job set up and going, it is probably going to be a rocky road and a strained relationship the whole way through. This may be a sign that you'd be better off looking for another company. Just a thought.

As far as lists go, I make them ALL the time. I could not live without them. My short-term memory stinks from the illness and all the meds I take so I am constantly writing things down. I find my biggest problem is remember where I actually put the stinkin' list! :0) Do you have that problem?

I love your new blog template. It is really pretty. I will take a few minutes when I can and look at your new blog. I have two really great friends who teach middle school so I look forward to reading your new blog and I'll send them the link as well.

Well, thanks so much for stopping by my blog again. I truly appreciate it. I hope to see you there again really soon. Have a wonderfully blessed day.

Teresa <><


Joan said...

Come on through! Oklahoma truly is a nice place to visit. And I always, always leave my grocery lists at home. Doesn't do me much good there!

My pool guy is finally communicating.They are supposed to be here tomorrow, but I think all the rain may change that again.

I love my new look too. Shabby Blogs and Cutest Blog on th eBlock are wonderful!