Sunday, July 05, 2009

I'd rather hunt toads

Noodle said, "I'd rather hunt toads than watch fireworks."

The Woodhouse Toad, common to Oklahoma and poops on our front porch. They love our front gardens and Noodle spent the evening with her flashlight hunting for toads. We got a lot of rain yesterday so that really brought out the toads and put a damper on some of the 4th festivities.

We stayed home for the 4th and had friends over. It was a nice gathering and I would have plastered our friends' pictures all over my blog but my battery was charging. It was charged enough to get some shots of the fireworks around the neighborhood. I am still new to this camera and could not get a good night shot. So I set it on "night portrait" which gave it a long exposure and these are the shots I got. I think they are pretty cool!

Hope everyone had a safe and festive 4th!


the.fortes said...

Nice pics!
Last year Jonathan actually yelled at Phil Morrow for shooting them off at 1:30am. I was 9 months pregnant and crying my eyes out in bed because every time I fell asleep he'd light another one off!
We actually watched the fireworks that the Christian camp set off at a more reasonable hour from our bed.

Frugal Fine Living said...

Your fireworks pictures are awesome! We are on vacation, and somebody was lighting off fireworks here last night at 1:00 AM after we had gone to bed. While I don't mind fireworks, I just wish they had done it earlier.


a corgi said...

those were great pictures of the fireworks! very nicely done! I think hunting toads was a great way to spend the Fourth, along with barbecuing and good friends :)