Monday, July 27, 2009

New Blog and other things

I had originally thought that I would use this blog for family and work. But I have decided to make another blog (because when school starts again I will have all the time in the world) just for school.

The new blog is "Teaching isn't for wimps". I don't have anything going on just yet, but you might want to follow it or bookmark it so when I get it going you will know. Of course, I will let you know on this blog too.

On to other things...

It is rainy and cool here today. That means my pool guy is another day behind. He finally emailed me (I think he's afraid of me and won't call) and said that they are finishing a job and they would be digging this week. He did say he would call today and let me know which day they would start. Who wants to bet it will be Friday and not tomorrow?

Oh, well! I'm still really glad we are getting a pool. I've wanted one all my life.


a corgi said...

I became a follower on your teaching blog; glad you heard from the pool guy. We had a pool for 2 years when the kids were younger and we were in So. Calif. for that period of time. It was nice, I really enjoyed it. my advice; make sure you limit when the neighbor kids can swim in it. Its nice to share, but its also nice to have the pool just for family. We kept the weekend for family time, assuming correctly hubby would enjoy some time just to swim with his kids without a lot of neighbor kids around; during the "work week" it was okay there were other little kids around

now that the kids are grown, there is only a few weeks out of the year that I think a pool would be nice.....but.....then I remember the maintenance of it......


Joan said...

Thanks for idea about the neighbor kids Betty. I hadn't thought about that.

Thanks for following my teacher blog. I plan to get it off the ground next week.

Anonymous said...

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