Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pool? No pool?

I'm getting a little frustrated with this pool situation. My pool guy is really busy and terrible about returning phone calls. When we signed our contract back on June 13th, he said July 27th was our start date. They have a some other pools to build and felt that date was definitely workable.

We returned from vacation on the 22nd and I started calling him (he has two phone numbers) and leaving messages on Thursday. At this point I have no idea whether I will have the beginnings of a pool in my backyard tomorrow or not. Husband thinks we should call the whole thing off. I am not for that plan and even if I was, how would I do that since this guy does not answer his phone!

I'll keep dreaming of this:

And I will keep you posted!

1 comment:

a corgi said...

hoping you get your pool and construction starts soon! you would think the way this economy is that people would be more eager to keep in touch with customers wanting such a service like this!