Friday, July 24, 2009

Some things never change

We were gone ten days on our vacation and though we were gone we were never far from the news or information. Maybe some people go on vacation to get away from their lives but we don't. We go to see new stuff and family. We like being connected to what is going on. Our iphones made such a difference on this trip. Not only were they great for maps and finding gas stations (the app "yelp" can be useful but not always accurate) I could check email, Facebook and my blog.

Being so connected helped me learn (while I was on the road somewhere in Texas) that my principal at my school resigned out of the blue. I really liked him and felt he really supported us teachers. But then I learned (somewhere in New Mexico) that the new principal is an awesome administrator I know and I think the board made an excellent choice. Like the board cares what I think!

In a hotel room in Lincoln City I learned that a family we knew in our old hometown lost a child. She was nine years old and it was heartbreaking.

But back home nothing really changed.

The boys, Tater and Dore, turned three and...

The pups are still ill-behaved. They took down the little fence I had put around my garden and turned it into their own personal dirt-box. My basil still stands so today I think I will dig it out and pot it.

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