Thursday, July 02, 2009

Ten Things Thursday

I think on Thursdays (if I remember) I will post a 10 things list. Here’s my first:

My 10 favorite pictures that I have taken (in no particular order). These are just the ones stored on my computer. I have a lot that were taken pre-digital and I’m too lazy to scan them. Someday…

1. Cloe, our tri-colored Corgi. 2009
2. Zoe, our gold and white Corgi. 2009
3. Daughter #1
4. Daughter #2
5. Christmas 2008
6. Tater, our scaredy cat.
7. Halloween 2007
8. Noodle and her beloved Papa. He died the winter of 2008 and we still deeply feel the loss.
9. Frost, winter 2007
10. Seats from the old theater in Grandfield, OK.


Jeanine said...

Christmas 2009? hahahahaha

Joan said...

I keep trying to edit but it won't let me! Darn, I'm a terrible proofreader!

Johnny said...

B&W pics are really good, but I think the one of the theater seats is my favorite.

Amy said...

Cool pics! And I like the post idea.

a corgi said...

all great pictures; enjoyed the corgi ones (wonder why); so sorry about the passing of Grandfather; looks like he was much loved


Tara said...

Wow...those are really cool pictures!!! ♥