Monday, August 31, 2009

Sometimes, I have dreams...

My 14 year old daughter is an artist and a writer. She has just started blogging and is putting a story she has written on the blog. She is also putting up some of her artwork that goes with the story. The above picture is hers, done in pastels. I love her perspective.

Her story is about cats, similar to the "Warrior" series. Here is a snippet; an example of her style.

"Come sit by me and make yourself comfortable. My name is Fire and I'm about to tell you a story that you will never forget. Follow me as we take on a journey of enlightenment, to a timeless place where the first cats left their paw prints. Now, clear your mind and open your senses, and let us begin."

Her blog is private because I just cannot imagine letting her out into the cyber-world all alone just yet.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Corgi tongues and hineys

You might not "get" this blog entry if you're not a Corgi-hostage like I am. I have readers that will completely understand every picture and every word. We are the Corgi lovers, slaves, hostages, idiots, whatever fits.

Early on I knew there were incredibly cute parts to Corgis. The most adorable has to be the hineys, the butts, the end part with a wiggly stump of a tail. Golly they're cute!

Then there is the tongue. Sometimes it just peeks out at nap time. But most of the time it is lolling out, sometimes it is drippy, but mostly it just hangs around. I thought at first my little pups were just getting too hot. But there is no panting involved, just floppy tongues that won't stay in their mouths.

Enjoy my shameless gallery of Corgi butts and tongues!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's time...

Seriously, this is the last portrait we had done of the girls. Older daughter is nearly 14 and Noodle is 10. I think it is time...

I think I want Lesley Proctor even if I don't win her contest.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The one where Zoe swims ~ again!

Yesterday, remember, they came and got the pool 99% ready. One important thing was lacking and that was the stairs, they were blocked and the vinyl not cut out. And there was just 3-4 inches of water in the shallow end. This morning, Zoe decided she could not wait and jumped in. Master of the home had to jump in and save her. He wasn't happy.

When we got home from school today it was finished and filling up. Since it is a salt water system we could swim right away.

Older daughter decided Zoe needed to swim again.

She likes the water, but the swimming she can do with out.

As she tried to get out, Chloe came up and started pulling her by the ear. Saved her life I tell ya!

So then Zoe was all like "you're next you know!" And Chloe was like "Shut up! I just saved your life!"

Sure enough, older daughter decided Chloe could not miss out on any of the fun!

She was not happy at all!

Then it got ugly!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

We have water!

Isn't it gorgeous?

Mr. pool guys came today and dropped the liner and started the water. Tomorrow they are going to finish up and we will close the deal. I thank everyone who has suffered through this ordeal with me.

Noodle wants to swim. Zoe wants to swim too. She says, "Don't worry Noodle, we'll be splashing soon."


C'mon water, flow faster!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Forgive me Friday

I've a feeling that this might be a regular thing ~ Forgive me Friday.

Back at school and back at it! The girls like their new teachers and the two days went pretty smooth.

Noodle was not ready to go back. She always goes with me to work and hangs out in my room until it's time to take her down the hall before the bell rings.

I asked her if she was ready and this is what I got!

Daughter #1 has to ride a bus from the Junior High to my school and yesterday she was on that bus for over an hour. The Junior High is about two miles from m school. But they went every where and to every school on that bus. The first stop they make is to the High School which is just across the parking lot from my school. So, today I wrote the bus driver a note and he let her get off there and she walked to my school. On bad weather days she'll ride the whole route instead of walking.

Still no pool. The rain has kept on coming down. But, no rain today and we have about a week of dry weather ahead of us. I'm keeping fingers crossed for a labor day swim.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

From the National Weather Service

See Oklahoma City? We live just a smidge north of OKC. See the pretty colors? See all the oranges, yellows and reds? That means big freakin' storms, lots of rain and no work on my pool. It also means I cannot get to work early and get ready for "Meet the Teacher" day. But you know, it is really ok. The rain is needed here and I love the sound of it pouring down and beating against my house. It's really early and I am up, alone in the kitchen. I sort of like it...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

They're toying with me

Mr. pool guys know, they just know, how I lust for this pool. They know I dream of lazily floating on a raft, sipping Coke Zero, and pretending I am a lady of leisure. Mr. pool guys are toying with me.

They came out this week and this is all they accomplished. It's pretty... I can see Adirondack chairs and striped umbrellas now. Who knew I would get so worked up over cement? But I want more. I want vinyl, the sweet sound of a pump and most of all... I WANT WATER!

They want to run free again...

But as long as they are chewing on salt bags this is their sentence.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Waiting, simply waiting for a pool.

(but we are getting closer to completion)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Donors Choose

I absolutely love this site. If you're not a teacher, then you might not have heard of it. Donors Choose is a site for teachers to post their needs for their classrooms. From anonymous donors I have received chess sets for my chess club and bean bag chairs for my classroom library. My need for individual whiteboards and markers for all my students has just been funded and will be shipped soon. My latest request is for three digital cameras for digital storytelling.

I encourage all teachers to participate here and I hope more and more people visit and donate to teachers.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I can't believe I'm FAB-U-LOUS!

I received this sweet little award the other day from Teresa at Too Many Heartbeats. Thank you Teresa!

As with most awards, this awesome award has certain ‘rules’ that go along with it.

The rules for this award are as follows:

1) List five current obsessions
2) Pass the award on to five fabulous blogs

So, here are my obsessions:

1. Chocolate ~ ongoing and not likely to fade any time soon.

2. Sonic Diet Coke

3. News and weather ~ total junkie

4. My Corgi girls

5. My weight

And...Five FAB-U-LOUS blogs I love to read everyday:

1. I love reading the stories of Koda at A Corgi in Southern California.

2. Christie at Just the Two of Us writes the best stories about life as a single mom and her son is so stinkin' cute! Also her blog is really cute!

3. The Fortes is all about the life and times of one really cute little boy. His mommy and daddy built our lovely home and when they had to move away we got lucky and got to buy that home. His mommy is also a really good photographer.

4. I just started reading Aqua Sunday and really enjoying the stories and pictures.

5. Another Corgi blog with great pictures and stories and I just like saying that I read a blog titled Corgi Butts!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Restaurant sign we saw on vacation. Husband insisted I take a picture.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Adding insult to injury

I love summer storms, I really do. But they can stop now. I need this pool. I need to swim before school starts. *sigh*
Last Wednesday everything looked so wonderful. The sand was smoothed and ready for concrete. The guys had just a day or two of work left to do. The next day it stormed like crazy. But yesterday everything was dried out and maybe we could get back on track. Nope! Deluge after deluge last night and it is still raining.

Monday, August 10, 2009

My Dad...

A year ago my dad was still alive and we flew out to Oregon to see him. We hadn't planned on going anywhere last summer, the summer of 2007 we had driven out to see all the family and we felt a summer at home was due. But dad's cancer was relentless and as we flew out there I knew this could very well be my last chance to see my dad alive.
Our visit was short, but sweet and easy. We spent nearly all our time with Dad and my step-mom, Cherie. The last time I saw my dad was as we drove away, headed to our hotel for few hours of sleep before our very early morning flight home.

The sun was just beginning to set; the first few moments of dusk. Dad and Cherie waved from their driveway as we slowly backed out. I said to my girls, "Watch, grandpa will cry." And he did...