Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Adding insult to injury

I love summer storms, I really do. But they can stop now. I need this pool. I need to swim before school starts. *sigh*
Last Wednesday everything looked so wonderful. The sand was smoothed and ready for concrete. The guys had just a day or two of work left to do. The next day it stormed like crazy. But yesterday everything was dried out and maybe we could get back on track. Nope! Deluge after deluge last night and it is still raining.


Lyndsey said...

I love a good storm too! But the picture of your unfinished pool looks so sad :(

When does school start for you? I go back on Monday and the students start back the 24th.

Love the first pic, did you take that?

a corgi said...

sorry to hear that! the photo with the lightning is awesome though! hoping it dries out soon so you can get at least 1 swim in before Labor Day :)


Joan said...

Lindsey ~ I start back officially on Monday too. The kids begin in the 20th. And, yes, I did take the first shot. Thanks!

Betty ~ You're optimistic that we may swim by Labor Day! I'm crossing my fingers!

Christie said...

Oh no! I hope the weather dries up soon so they can get it finished!

Oklahoma Granny said...

It was stormy here last night too but we so needed the rain. If it another storm comes up feel free to send it our way (NE Okla).

I hope your pool is in very soon so you can enjoy it.