Sunday, August 09, 2009

All Ears

I just love our dogs. I think Corgis are so stinkin' cute. Maybe it's the ears.


♥ Teresa ♥ said...

He is SO cute! I'm loving our new puppy. I just want to love him to pieces every day but he is too hyper and wants to be down playing and running around. He is TOO busy to be loved on! :) But he is still an absolute sweetheart! Our older dog Sadee thinks she is his mom and she is having a blast 'mothering' him. We are just having a ball watching the two of them together. I'm really glad we got him.

Hope you are enjoying a great weekend. Talk to you soon!


Teresa <><

Joan said...

Chloe is getting more settled every day. She is beginning to let us love on her.

Your pup is cute too. He'll settle and probably pick your lap to settle in!

a corgi said...

so adorable!! corgis are very nice looking dogs for sure :)


Lyndsey said...

What a freat photo. I love Corgis! We have a 13 year old Australian Shepherd, and are dog sitting 2 Border Collies. The littlest and youngest is a female that my husband calls ears (her ear go straigt up too). Herding dogs are the best, they are smart!

Anonymous said...

I think we love corgis because they look like a Beatrix Potter illustration come to life. What a cute little tri-color!