Saturday, August 01, 2009

Dirt, Dinner, and Dogs

A little bit of everything today!

We have a great big hole in the back yard and I am not bothered by it one bit! Hopefully in a week we will be swimming in that big hole.
The dogs were at first a little confused and disturbed. Chloe even took to barking for some time at the huge hills of dirt. It was funny. But they are loving the huge hills of dirt and play queen of the mountain!

Before the dig began I took some pictures for our "before" shot. The pups were playing in the mud, digging up grass and eating it. They eat grass and dirt all the time; drives me crazy!
About dinner...
A few days ago I got this recipe, Basil Grilled Chicken, from Love at First Bite. It was sooooooo good and soooooo easy. Try it!

Have a wonderful weekend! I will probably be moving dirt!


Angela said...

One of my dogs eats grass all the time too. Hope the pools gets finished quickly and easily.

Amy said...

Looks great so far! We'll take some of that dirt if you need someone to help you move it.

Joan said...

I'm pretty sure we will have plenty left after the back-fill, landscaping and Rebecca takes her share. It's a lot of dirt!

a corgi said...

I'm amazed it will be finished so quickly! It seems that it takes months for them to build a pool here; glad you will get some use out of it before you go back to school

cute pictures of the dogs :)


Joan said...

The builder said 7 days. It's a vinyl pool so that is why it will go in much quicker.

shawna said...

omg, you have pool issues too...although looks as if yours is moving along just fine! o, and can you tell the blogger who is the author of a corgi, i CANNOT leave a comment on her blog for some strange reason...wont let me scroll down to the letter recognition part...just thought i had to let someone know, since i cannot contact her!!
cant wait till you get water in that hole!!