Friday, August 14, 2009

Donors Choose

I absolutely love this site. If you're not a teacher, then you might not have heard of it. Donors Choose is a site for teachers to post their needs for their classrooms. From anonymous donors I have received chess sets for my chess club and bean bag chairs for my classroom library. My need for individual whiteboards and markers for all my students has just been funded and will be shipped soon. My latest request is for three digital cameras for digital storytelling.

I encourage all teachers to participate here and I hope more and more people visit and donate to teachers.


a corgi said...

that does sound like a good organization; I know teachers always supplement a lot of their supplies themselves, its nice to see there are others out there committed to helping teachers do the best job they can for their students; when my financial situation improves a bit, I'll have to check it out


shawna said...

is this an oklahoma thing, or nationwide? our poor schools in california cant even hire anyone to mow their lawns...our schools look like broken down so sad. dont know what that stupid governator is going to do next. in the meantime i have 3 kids in public schools...i try and donate as much as i can, but this is wonderful. my kids teachers need this too!! and btw, hats off to teachers everywhere!!!