Friday, August 21, 2009

Forgive me Friday

I've a feeling that this might be a regular thing ~ Forgive me Friday.

Back at school and back at it! The girls like their new teachers and the two days went pretty smooth.

Noodle was not ready to go back. She always goes with me to work and hangs out in my room until it's time to take her down the hall before the bell rings.

I asked her if she was ready and this is what I got!

Daughter #1 has to ride a bus from the Junior High to my school and yesterday she was on that bus for over an hour. The Junior High is about two miles from m school. But they went every where and to every school on that bus. The first stop they make is to the High School which is just across the parking lot from my school. So, today I wrote the bus driver a note and he let her get off there and she walked to my school. On bad weather days she'll ride the whole route instead of walking.

Still no pool. The rain has kept on coming down. But, no rain today and we have about a week of dry weather ahead of us. I'm keeping fingers crossed for a labor day swim.


Angela said...


Link to Lunch Box Brownies!

Isn't it hard to believe the summer is already over?

Still no pool? Ugh...they better hurry!

a corgi said...

I'm crossing my fingers too for a swim before Labor Day! don't apologize if you can only blog a day or two a week; just enjoy all that is going on with your family and teaching!


Joan said...

Angela ~ thank you for the link! My girls love brownies, we all do.

betty ~ I have set a goal for 2-3 good quality posts a week and of course Wordless Wednesday. Have a great weekend.

Lyndsey said...

No need to apologize, we understand! Trust me! I had such a week, I forget how much it takes out of you and I shouldn't because I worked in a classroom for summer school!

I endded up doing Friday Favorites. I've seen it on a couple other blogs. Post about favorite recipes, products or just things you like. Takes a little pressure off that we put on ourselves. :)

shawna said...

awww, school has started?? i guess it has to start sooner or later. ours on sept 8...countin the days :-(

hope your pool gets finished soon...i feel your pain, quite literally!!