Thursday, August 13, 2009

I can't believe I'm FAB-U-LOUS!

I received this sweet little award the other day from Teresa at Too Many Heartbeats. Thank you Teresa!

As with most awards, this awesome award has certain ‘rules’ that go along with it.

The rules for this award are as follows:

1) List five current obsessions
2) Pass the award on to five fabulous blogs

So, here are my obsessions:

1. Chocolate ~ ongoing and not likely to fade any time soon.

2. Sonic Diet Coke

3. News and weather ~ total junkie

4. My Corgi girls

5. My weight

And...Five FAB-U-LOUS blogs I love to read everyday:

1. I love reading the stories of Koda at A Corgi in Southern California.

2. Christie at Just the Two of Us writes the best stories about life as a single mom and her son is so stinkin' cute! Also her blog is really cute!

3. The Fortes is all about the life and times of one really cute little boy. His mommy and daddy built our lovely home and when they had to move away we got lucky and got to buy that home. His mommy is also a really good photographer.

4. I just started reading Aqua Sunday and really enjoying the stories and pictures.

5. Another Corgi blog with great pictures and stories and I just like saying that I read a blog titled Corgi Butts!


the.fortes said...

Aw, schucks....thanks, Joan! I shall have to pass the award on, too! I will do this hopefully during his afternoon nap...I really must scrapbook! After this scrapbook I am totally switching to some digital means of memory preservation because I am not a huge fan of gluing, cutting, etc, but I need to get this done before we move again (which may be in November...hush about that, though) maybe to Tulsa. Thanks for the props and we miss your house greatly, but we have great memories there and we hope that our next home purchase is everything we want in a house...we think it will be...esp if the rates stay low!

Lyndsey said...

That is so awesome Joan! Your blog is Fabulous!

I picked you out of all the new blogs on "The Cutest Blog on the Block" forum, and no others. It struck me as something simular to myself and something I would like to include in my everyday blog reading. I love reading about others living in different parts of the country and world. It's fun to see the differences and simularities.

Thank you for including me as well.

Christie said...

THANK YOU sooo much!!! I really appreciate it. =)

a corgi said...

thank you Joan! that was so sweet of you! congrats on your award too! see, I knew I liked you; I have an obession with chocolate, weight, and corgis too! and somehow you can tie that all together; eating chocolate makes me concerned about weight, and then I'm always worried about corgi's weight here.....

anyway, thanks again, and congrats!!!!!!!


Joan said...

Lol betty! You would think we would walk the corgis then weight wouldn't be an issue and we could eat all the chocolate we want!

C.forte ~ I hope a move to Tulsa works out if that is what you guys want. =)

Lindsey ~ I love that we can really get to know people this way and find friends from all over. I was born in Florida.

Christie ~ you're welcome.