Monday, August 03, 2009

More dirt from Oklahoma

Good morning! Before I get into the dirt I want to introduce you to Dumbledore. We call him Mr. Dumbles most of the time and it fits him. Mr. Dumbles suffers from occasional grumpiness but most of the time he is simply lazy, very talkative, and incredibly socialble. Mr. Dumbles loves everyone, except the dogs, and wakes me every morning with his purr and extensive biscuit making ( know, that thing cats do.)
The dirt mountains are quite popular here. Zoe has declared herself Queen of this hill.
My girls spent a lot of time this weekend on the hills. I spent a lot of time sweeping up red dirt.
We have had a little rain this morning so I imagine the dogs will be really, really dirty.

I'm not sure when the builder and his crew will return. They have another kit to install and as of Friday, our kit had not come in. So, we might be able to "enjoy" the dirt for a few more days.


a corgi said...

oh, this makes perfect sense with the pool if it is a kit. I thought it was one of the inground ones that they had to pour concrete for, etc. Hoping the weather clears so that installation can proceed

Dumbles looks adorable!! of course Koda possibly can't figure out how corgis can get along with a cat in the same household, but he's happy it works for you guys :)


Tara said...

That is some serious dirt!! but who doesn't love a little dirt?? ;o)

Joan said...

Betty ~ no pool guys yet...

Koda ~ Chloe and Zoe sort of like having the cats around. Chloe especially likes to chase them and they have fun toys!

Tara ~ It is serious RED dirt!

Frugal Fine Living said...

Wow, that's some red dirt! I hope the pool guys come soon.


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Zoe is adorable! As a corgi mama too, I zero in on the corgi kid! Wow, that dirt is amazingly RED! Dirt is red in Oklahoma?

Joan said...

Corgidogmama ~ Dirt is really red here. That means red socks for my girls all the time!

Zoe is a cutie and so smart. She is terribly stubborn though. Her sister Chloe is just a sweet and loves to please. Corgis are the sweetest my opinion.