Monday, August 24, 2009

The one where Zoe swims ~ again!

Yesterday, remember, they came and got the pool 99% ready. One important thing was lacking and that was the stairs, they were blocked and the vinyl not cut out. And there was just 3-4 inches of water in the shallow end. This morning, Zoe decided she could not wait and jumped in. Master of the home had to jump in and save her. He wasn't happy.

When we got home from school today it was finished and filling up. Since it is a salt water system we could swim right away.

Older daughter decided Zoe needed to swim again.

She likes the water, but the swimming she can do with out.

As she tried to get out, Chloe came up and started pulling her by the ear. Saved her life I tell ya!

So then Zoe was all like "you're next you know!" And Chloe was like "Shut up! I just saved your life!"

Sure enough, older daughter decided Chloe could not miss out on any of the fun!

She was not happy at all!

Then it got ugly!


Angela said...

The last picture had me laughing out loud! I am so glad y'all are finally getting to swim!

a corgi said...

looks very refreshing! enjoyed the story with Zoe and swimming and then Chloe trying to get into the action! very cute!



jeanine said...

I see 'older daughter' even wears her swim skirt at home. cute!

Lyndsey said...

Oh what fun was had by all! well...almost.

Joan said...

Older daughter is quite modest!

Amy said...

So jealous!

Joan said...

Come swim! Come get dirt too ~ really, we need to move this dirt!

shawna said...

congratulations!!!! i know exactly what this feels like-nothing like new water in a pool!!!

Hannah said...

Chloe starts kicking even if she's only an inch above water!

Hannah said...

I still remember shouting, "Go, Zoe, go! Go, Zoe, go!"