Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Things at home that make me smile...

Sheryl at My Joyful Home posted a list of little details around her home that she really likes. I am shamelessly stealing her idea. This first picture is my tablecloth ~ I love the colors.

This mirror belonged to my Grandparents-in-law. They raised my husband and his brother. After they died we gratefully inherited some beautiful things. This mirror is so cool!
Cutie-bug magnet I got in Lincoln City, Oregon on our vacation.
Some, just some, of my cookbooks. I read them like delicious novels. See that I have several Susan Branch? Don't you just love her? If you have no idea who she is or what her cookbooks are about then you need to go right now to her site and fall in love.
This cabinet and the mirror above also belonged to the In-laws. When I open this cabinet I smell their home..makes me sad but really grateful at the same time. It's like having a little piece of them. Can you see the red stool to the left. That was theirs too. Except it was yellow and they kept it in their kitchen. Papa (grandfather-in-law) used to sit on it all the time.
Sleeping in on a summer morning ~ that is my 10 year old and Tater.
This picture is about ten years old. We look much younger! I love this frame. The boy in the other photo is my son.


a corgi said...

cute picture of you/son from younger days! I enjoyed looking at all your treasures; very nice! I hadn't heard of Susan Branch; I'll have to check out her cookbooks some time


Oklahoma Granny said...

It's fun to get a peek at some of your favorite things. And what a great idea! I hope you won't mind if I borrow the idea sometime.

Joan said...

OKGranny ~ borrow away! I love looking at pictures of peoples homes, or decor. I get new ideas that way.

Lyndsey said...

Thanks for sharing. I love seeing your favorite things. I'll do that one of these days. Right now everything is out of my cupboards. I'm in the middle of painting them. Have to get these things done while I'm off for the summer.