Saturday, September 12, 2009

Last of the pool pics (I promise)

Summer is winding down and we got our last bit of swimming in last weekend. It was the perfect Labor Day weekend. We swam and were lazy; no labor from anyone but me and that was just laundry.

Fall is sneaking its way into Oklahoma...

We will close the pool in a few weeks when the guys come to install the cover.

But next summer we aren't going farther than our back yard!


a corgi said...

the pups will be glad to have you around swimming next summer!

cute pictures!

when we had a pool it seemed like we never got that many more swimming days after Labor Day either


Lyndsey said...

We don't mind, after that long wait, we're happy you got as much time as you did in the pool! I like seeing the overall photos with the background too. Our pool season goes through the end of October, although we a wossies, we don't have a pool heater.

Can't wait to see fall photos from you!

Hannah said...

Waaa! No more pool!