Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall garden

I finally got into the front gardens today and tamed the unruly Russian sage. I love that stuff but it is insane! I chopped back four plants and filled one trash can.

I purposely did not take pictures because the previous owner of our home, who reads this blog, might freak out. =) I'm assured, by a garden guru, that it will grow back even more lovely in the spring.

I had a little thing go through my head and heart as I was chopping sage. I was removing a lot of dead stuff and worried that it might not grow back so lovely in the spring. Then I thought that would be OK because I could plant something else and it would be lovely; different, but lovely.

It occurred to me I need to do the same in my life. There is old, dead stuff I need to get rid of because it is keeping me from growing. I'm rarely that deep when I'm working in the garden. So, I'm going to concentrate on being still and listening to the whispers...

Off subject, but isn't this wonderful? This guy was a little 8" pot just a few months ago. Man of the house and I have decided that we are going to plant some around parts of the fence (on the outside, away from corgis) and hopefully it will create a natural screen.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Out came the Fall decor

I really love Fall. As I sit and write I can hear the Canadian geese overhead and Chloe warning them that they better just keep on flying. She has no clue they never land in our back yard.

The air is crisp and the temperatures have not climbed past 60 for the past few days. I'm contemplating baking something with pumpkin.

I got up in the attic yesterday and hauled down some Fall decor. We have some cute stuff and some of it we have had a long time. It just gets cuter to me.

I don't go all out. I just add a few touches here and there.

Mr. Dumbles likes October. He is our official Halloween kitty.

I scored two of these cah-yoot! candles holders at wally world yesterday for two bucks. Gotta love a steal like that.

How's your fall decorating, baking, crafting going?

Friday, October 09, 2009

A meloncholy decathexis

My husband and his brother are closing a very long chapter in their lives. I too am closing a chapter. They are selling the house, the possessions, the connections to a small town where they were raised. Papa died nearly two years ago. Papa was their grandfather, my girls' babysitter for several years, their spoiler, teaser and biggest fan.

We drove down there a few weekends ago. The terrain changes from the trees and hills of central Oklahoma to the lovely prairie, the expansive fields and endless horizon that is southwest Oklahoma. That itself is so very hard to let go. But we must.

We took home some things that have value to our hearts, matter to the history of my daughters. Letters from soldiers to Nana. One particular soldier was Papa. They met after he was released from the German prison, shipped home and reassigned stateside. But they met in that tiny rural town, in a drugstore. I spent an entire evening and the next day reading those letters. There were so many. Transported to the mid 1940's, I got to know a young man so very much in love. I miss Papa even more.

The house is on the market. My husband and brother cannot pay the taxes and insurance on it anymore. But the market down there...there is no market. Hopefully it won't sit too long. Hopefully someone will buy the house where so much life was lived.