Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween ~ Corgi style

Because there are not enough Corgi pictures in the world.


Hannah said...

Zo Zo Bear is TOO cute!
Chloe looks hungry!


Lyndsey said...

Look at those faces! Words cannot express, what those faces are saying! :)

seeking the truth said...

they are sooo cute!! never can get enough corgi pictures! and with Koda retiring, someone will have to take up the slack and let the world see these beautiful dogs :)

they look so small compared to Koda; it must be because they are girls :)


Joan said...

Lyndsey ~ I'm not sure I want to know what they are think at times!

Betty ~ I'm so sad Koda is retiring, but 100% understand. Also, the girls are still pups, just 10 months old, so the might still have some growing to do. The tri, Chloe, is truly a runt though.

Oklahoma Granny said...

Your babies are just too cute!