Friday, October 09, 2009

A meloncholy decathexis

My husband and his brother are closing a very long chapter in their lives. I too am closing a chapter. They are selling the house, the possessions, the connections to a small town where they were raised. Papa died nearly two years ago. Papa was their grandfather, my girls' babysitter for several years, their spoiler, teaser and biggest fan.

We drove down there a few weekends ago. The terrain changes from the trees and hills of central Oklahoma to the lovely prairie, the expansive fields and endless horizon that is southwest Oklahoma. That itself is so very hard to let go. But we must.

We took home some things that have value to our hearts, matter to the history of my daughters. Letters from soldiers to Nana. One particular soldier was Papa. They met after he was released from the German prison, shipped home and reassigned stateside. But they met in that tiny rural town, in a drugstore. I spent an entire evening and the next day reading those letters. There were so many. Transported to the mid 1940's, I got to know a young man so very much in love. I miss Papa even more.

The house is on the market. My husband and brother cannot pay the taxes and insurance on it anymore. But the market down there...there is no market. Hopefully it won't sit too long. Hopefully someone will buy the house where so much life was lived.


Kelly's Ideas said...

Beautiful most - hold onto those dear letters - the love is amazing.



a corgi said...

that has to be hard; those letters priceless though; what a neat legacy he left behind with them to be shared with the rest of the family when the time is right

I hope the house sells fast but sad that it will no longer be part of your family


Melinda said...

Just look at that face...That is a face filled with kindness and love...precious man..

Joan said...

Melinda, you are absolutely right. He was the best human being, in all ways, that I have ever known.