Thursday, October 15, 2009

Out came the Fall decor

I really love Fall. As I sit and write I can hear the Canadian geese overhead and Chloe warning them that they better just keep on flying. She has no clue they never land in our back yard.

The air is crisp and the temperatures have not climbed past 60 for the past few days. I'm contemplating baking something with pumpkin.

I got up in the attic yesterday and hauled down some Fall decor. We have some cute stuff and some of it we have had a long time. It just gets cuter to me.

I don't go all out. I just add a few touches here and there.

Mr. Dumbles likes October. He is our official Halloween kitty.

I scored two of these cah-yoot! candles holders at wally world yesterday for two bucks. Gotta love a steal like that.

How's your fall decorating, baking, crafting going?


a corgi said...

love the decorations Joan! I think you did great with them; looks festive! how cute with Chloe barking at those geese :)

baking with pumpkin sounds delicious too!

I don't do much decorating/crafts to begin with so haven't put anything up here; might get a pumpkin who knows?


the.fortes said...

Seriously the mainstays candles are great! 3.50 for one with 3 wicks and they are very fragrant. Why would I buy Yankee Candle? Maybe if they were reasonably priced. Nice flooring in your living room! Whoever picked it out knows their colors ;-). Just kidding:).

Joan said...

I love mainstays. These little ones are a buck.

I might be getting in touch sometime soon because we are thinking of extending those floors into the girls' rooms.

Angela said...

I always have big plans to decorate for Halloween but never get around to it. I did set out my ceramic ghost! I am going to watch the special on HGTV on Sunday and see it that doesn't inspire me a little. Yours looks great!

Lyndsey said...

Love your decorations! I'm with Angela, I always want to decorate, but it's usually too busy or too hot out to get into it. This weekend it finally dropped out of the 90s. Might be time to make some chili! :)

I love spice scented candles, and you gotta love those bargins!

Hannah said...

NO!!! I need my carpet! Sorry for the aggressive tone, but you know me. The floor is my chair whenever I do my homework, draw, etc.
By the way, Mr. Dumbles is getting pretty scary.


Joan said...

Hannah ~ I know the floor is your chair so we will make sure you have a soft rug to perch on. And...this is Mr. Dumbles time of year. He must practice his scary face.

shawna said...

AND i have that very same pumpkin with the purple eyes and goofy smile!!! cant remember where i got him, target maybe???