Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Decor

I decided to take a day off away from the classroom. I really needed this and I am utilizing my time very wisely. For example I got to watch all of Good Morning America while I ate my cinnamon roll I got as a Christmas present from our cafeteria staff. I did a little shopping with LL Bean and Land's End. I perused a holiday cookbook. I have big plans for the rest of the day too. Really, there's too much to go into.

I thought I'd break away from all of the hub-bub and share some Christmas decor from around the chateau.

I made these pitiful little things many years ago and was not going to put them out this year. I really felt they should be retired. But Noodle insisted. When older daughter emerged from her cave, I mean room , the first thing she asked about was the snow family. So they are still with us.

Gazillion year old barrel/cask. We have dragged this thing around with us for many, many years.

I like snowmen. It is not warm today but it is sunny. His other side says cold and snowy. It is cold, but no snow.

People always ask us where baby Jesus is and we always reply "He isn't born yet!" Our tradition is that one of the girls places him on Christmas Eve before they go to bed. There have been years where I wasn't quite sure where I hid the baby Jesus and a frantic search would commence to find Him.

The tree....ahhhhhhhh..... We had to buy a slim tree last year because our living room is quite, well, cozy. But I love the tree and the cozy living room.

Some of the Santa collection.

Tater - the cat - keeps jumping up here and knocking down my blocks. I keep saying he is messing with my peace.

One of my favorite ornaments. We have a lot of old glass ornaments, a lot of new stuff and a lot of things the kids have made. We have some Santas on the tree too.

Blankets and pillows cover the furniture.

Noodle has a tree in her room. Tater likes to redecorate it as often as he can. "TATER!" has become the mantra around here. Merry Christmas!


Carrie said...

Very pretty. Our tree is in progress right now.
I think that I recognize a few of the ornaments on your tree as what I gave to you years ago. Did you inherit some from Jeff's Grandparents too?

Cathryn said...

*sighs happily* I can't wait to get this semester over with so I can start decorating our home!

Thank you for sharing!

Lyndsey said...

Oh, thanks for sharing. I love seeing your Christmas decor!

We have snowflake lights out front (the only way we'll get any snow) and we have a table top tree. We are going to visit family in Michigan, so we won't be around. My daughter wants to see snow for the first time. I have ornaments just like you. A lot of the vintage glass ones, handmade, etc..

Have a great Holiday, and I'm glad you had some time for yourself!

That corgi :) said...

so very festive Joan! I like the slim tree; we got one this year and I like the feel of it

glad you took a day off to yourself to get some things done and enjoy some "me" time


Jen said...

I love the baby Jesus idea! I've never heard of that.

You decorations are adorable. We still do a live tree, or else I would follow your lead a do a slim tree. Like you, we have a very cozy family room....& the tree takes up 1/2 the space. :0)

Merry Christmas! I hope you had fun playing hookie!

Joan said...

Thanks everyone....=)

Carrie ~ No ornaments from Jeff's grandparents. Her style was not at all what we like. It involved a lot of velvet. "shudder"

Oklahoma Granny said...

Like Jen, I love your Nativity tradition with the baby Jesus. Sentimental decorations are the best. They bring back such wonderful memories.