Saturday, December 26, 2009

A White Christmas in Oklahoma

The storm hit Christmas Eve morning with sleet. The winds were ferocious and the north side of the house sounded like a war zone from the ice pelting so hard. By afternoon it had changed to snow, but not the lovely flakes that drift down so serenely. We had horizontal snow and winds that pushed the dog house around outside. The corgis spent the day indoors with occasional potty breaks outside. I was worried they would end up blown against the fence.

But it was beautiful...

The drifts on the front porch are amazing!

We have lights on the bushes in the front garden and they are covered but glow underneath their blanket of snow.

The girls got out in it yesterday.

And yes, we do still have the red dirt hills in the back yard. Why do you ask? We like them. We have named them, grown attached to them, might even keep them.

Tomorrow I'll write about Santa's visit.


Oklahoma Granny said...

The sleet lasted most of the day here and then late on Christmas Eve afternoon the snow started. Like you said, the wind was horrible. The snow drifts on our country roads were amazingly beautiful but very dangerous. When our daughter's family was driving the 1 1/2 miles to our house yesterday they slid off into a ditch and broke an axle on their truck. That was bad but luckily nothing worse happened.

Cathryn said...

Those are some amazing photographs you took of your snow storm! That was nothing like what we experienced early in the month. Ours was that gentle snow--not the storm of the century! I like the lights shining UNDER the snow drifts--made it magical.

That corgi :) said...

that sounds like a doozer of a storm! glad you (and the corgis) weathered it okay; awesome pictures with the lights glowing through the snow