Friday, January 01, 2010

A year in pictures

As I read through my favorite blogs and columns, I get the feeling that just about everyone is glad to kiss goodbye this decade. Collectively, as a nation, this decade was a real letdown. But every year we get to start anew.

As I browsed my photos I got to take a mini-trip down memory lane. My family had a pretty good year. There were losses, but all in all it was a good year.

In January we saw the "Walking with Dinosaurs" show in OKC. It was really amazing and the girls loved it!

In February we lost our sweet, sweet Abbey. She was a rescue and we had her such a short time. When we adopted her, Sophie said she was our "forever dog". We did not realize her "forever" would be so brief with us. But she did pave the way in hearts for these...

...little girls that we brought into our home in March. Our backyard would never be the same!

"April is the cruelest month..." Eliot said it all for me. I still miss you Dad...

In May, my sweetest class ever, completed their 6th grade lesson and went on to 7th grade. Many of them come back to visit and I love seeing them.

Noodle celebrated her 10th birthday and we contracted the pool!

July ~ We spent nearly two weeks traveling west and the highlight will always be our time at the coast.

August ~ The pool was finished...nuff said!

September ~ 14 years of goofiness and sweetness and bliss!

In October my students won the door decorating contest for Drug Awareness week and I was nominated for Teacher of the Year at my site. I did not win, but the teachers that went on to the district level are such amazing teachers. One was Noodle's 4th grade teacher and she rocks! The other two work with our special and most challenged students. They need to be recognized every single year. They are awesome!

In November I spent four delicious days at the Quartz Mountain Lodge for Arts Integration.

This is some of the art I created. I am woefully challenged, but what matters is I learned so much to take back to my classroom.

December ~ The Christmas Eve blizzard!

Mr. Dumbles hopes everyone has a wonderful 2010!


Oklahoma Granny said...

May 2010 be filled with many blessings for you and your family!

Lyndsey said...

What a nice post Joan. Thanks for sharing part of your life with us. It has been such a pleasure getting to know you! I am so glad I met you! Wishing the best new year for you and your loved ones!

farmlady said...

Good and bad..., the year will transform into memories that will live forever in your heart.
Love your "baby Corgis with the girls" photo.
Happy New Year!!!

Okie Book Woman said...

I'm hoping that you and your family have a wonderful 2010. I've enjoyed getting to know you through your blog and facebook. I have a feeling we'd have TONS to talk about if we had the opportunity to meet in person.

Cathryn said...

Well said in photographs! You made me giggle and you made tears show up. That--to me--is the most effective writer--One that brings such emotions to me--the reader.

May you and your family have a wonderful and prosperous New Year with health and peace!

Joan said...

Thank you for the wonderful comments. I forgot to add that in June I started blogging and I am so very glad. I have had the privilege to get to know so many wonderful people.

Okie Book Woman ~ I too think we would not be a loss for words if our paths ever cross. =)

Angela said...

That birthday cake is fabulous!!

That corgi :) said...

loved the year in pictures Joan; looks like overall it was a good year for you and yours; always hard when we lose loved ones, family members and pets are always sad to say good bye to

you know the first decade of 2000 was the hardest years of my life but they were also the best years of my life because without going through that pain I would not have the relationship and faith (still working on trust) that I have with God so I wouldn't trade them for anything :)

hoping you all have a happy new year


Hannah said...

Wow! That was a great year! We had our ups and downs, but in the end it's worth it.
I think Mr. Dumbles really hopes that we'll stop putting silly hats on his head!


shawna said...

LOVE this post. so fun to recap the year...look at my daughters blog (emma in london)...she did the same thing-so cute, and we saw the dinosaur show too!! my oldest LOVED dinosaurs as a child, so we re-lived her obsession with that fun show. so cute!