Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We can 'splain!

She has been busy. ...and tired. 

We said we'd step in and blog for her. But she said "no!" 

We said we were already famous and people love reading about us. She threatened to crate us.

It all started with a terrible tummy bug. I think Chloe slipped her something.

I did not! 

After the tummy bug she said her students were taking her down. We don't know what that means so just enjoy a good shot of Zoe-Zoe's pants. 

She promises to be back soon. She said she didn't trust us to blog for her with out fighting. 

Saturday, February 06, 2010

January snowstorm

I know the east is socked in with snow this weekend. And we are supposed to get another dumping on Monday. It's all around us...

I decided I had better get my latest snow storm pictures up before I take more.

Before the snow came last week, we got ice. It made great swords.

My girls never played with dolls. They loved beanie babies and webkins. Naturally they would make a snow-corgi instead of a snowman.

This phenomenon is similar to diurnal ice. Amazing!

Oh, one last thing ~ Chloe is the Daily Corgi's Saturday Smiler

Zoe has been pouting all day.