Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Break....ahhhhh!

I got off the hamster wheel Thursday night after my last parent - teacher conference. Immediately the head cold symptoms kicked in and I wasn't surprised. Happens every time! It is just a cold though and though I felt awful yesterday, I think I might live.

What do I have planned for these glorious days away from the classroom? Well, I don't really have anything planned. That is a good thing I think. I need to clean. I want to plant something and work in the yard. I will go in to work for one day and grade and lesson plan. We always stay home for spring break. 

I can't believe last year we got these critters!

So, no big plans,  but..... YIPPEE!!! IT'S SPRING BREAK!!!!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I needed a little Sunshine

Cathryn at Chile Cats knew exactly what I needed! Thank you! She told me this award was for blogs that brighten her day. Her blog really brightens my day. I am a cat lover and adore how she has opened her heart and home to so many feline friends. Visit her! She beads too!

I am passing this award on to those blogs that bright my day. These are blogs I visit daily, enjoy the content, the photos, and genuinely care about what is going on with these writers.

Four Dog Day  
The Corgi Chronicles
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(I see a pattern here...)
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Thank you Cathryn! And thanks to all the bloggers who brighten my day!