Saturday, April 10, 2010

Let's catch up....shall we?

Last we "chatted" I was on spring break. Just so you know, it snowed during spring break. My bulbs had just come up and my hyacinths did not make it.

But spring returned and we are pleased.

Man of the house has decided it is time to say goodbye to the red dirt hills. 

He was downright giddy when we picked up the bobcat. I could not care less. But I understand, I feel the same way when there is a big sale at Lakeshore (teaching supply store).

She is pretty sure she could handle this thing.


Angela said...

We all have our things don't we? I can understand about a man being "giddy" with a Bobcat though... welcome back!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Big boys with their big toys! LOL

Kathy said...

Lakeshore is a great store! I agree with Granny!

shawna said...

if corgis are like my scottish terrier, she would be all over this "thing"...barking at the tires, and chasing it all over those red hills...thinking she was actually winning. love the confidence these little dogs have!