Monday, May 31, 2010

In which a Tot is saved!

Not five minutes after we got in the pool today, Zoe jumped in! Neither dog has ever willingly gone in the pool since it has been filled to its full depth. Last summer, Zoe did jump in once, but it wasn't full. You can refresh your memory here.

The girls tried to entice both dogs in to no avail.

Noodle decided Tot toys might lure them in. They love to gut those tots!

Come and get it Chloe!

And somehow she snatched it right out of Older Daughter's hand!

The chase was on!

But Noodle was hot on their heels!

Meanwhile back at the pool... Not a care in the world. Don't you two even care that Puffer Fish Tot is in the jaws of a killer??!!

Poor Tot! But, rescued by the persistent and fast Noodle!

Let's try this again...

Enough drama for one day. Time to relax!


Parsley said...

Sure is a day for swimming. HOT HOT Love the happy family pics

Kathy said...

Too cute!!

Oklahoma Granny said...

I'll bet they'll both be swimming around the pool before the summer is out.

Intense Guy said...


Looks like the doggies had a lot of fun! I bet they slept good after that too...

Angela said...

Glad that you have the whole entire summer to enjoy your pool this year!

farmlady said...

I have two Corgis and I didn't know that they could swim. Guess I never thought about it before this post.
How nice on a hot summer day.
I've got the all I need is the pool.
Cute post.

That corgi :) said...

cute! sounds all enjoyed their weekend and time in the pool


Cathryn said...

hehehe...They made their own fun, didn't they! Trust a dog to invent his or her own fun! Great action photos!