Saturday, June 05, 2010

Ethics at the Farmer's Market

We have a little market here on Saturdays. I went for the first time today and scored some wonderful, organic veggies. 

While I was waiting to buy my squash, the lady in front of me was weighing her produce and giving the sweet farmer the weights so he could charge her. She rounded everything down to the nearest pound. One veggie she bought was nearly three pounds but she told the farmer is was two pounds. Not fair! I was going to rat her out but she was right at the next booth.  So I weighed my squash, just over four pounds, and rounded up.


Lyndsey said...

Lovely squash you have there! I went to our farmer's market today too. Bought some white eggplant, and some other goodies I needed. I love going there for the organic produce.

Don't you just wonder about some people though, I just wouldn't feel good about cheating someone.

We usually get them when we have one line for several cashiers, then you go to the one that opens up. Well you'll always get that person who just walks up and stands in front of one, thinking she's next in line...sheesh!

That corgi :) said...

that was nice of you to do Joan. that was not a good thing for the other lady; hoping she didn't have a child there that was watching what was going on with the scales


Kathy said...

That's such a bummer. I try so hard to do the right thing. You were right not to rat her out. It wouldn't have made anyone feel good.

Your stuff looks awesome. I can't wait until our garden starts producing great organic veggies! What we don't grow ourselves, we will buy at a farmer's market!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Last year the little town closest to us had a farmers market on Saturday mornings. Not this year for some reason.

This morning I witnessed the opposite of what you did. I was in line to pay for some things at a grocery store. The man in front of me paid for his purchase and left the store. As the cashier was ringing me up he came back in. He said, "I just bought these for $___ and I gave you a $10 bill. Do you remember?" She said she did remember. He showed her what was in his wallet and said, "This is how much you gave me in change" which was much more than his purchase. There should me more of those kinds of folks around. As I was leaving he was settling up with the cashier. Made my heart feel good.

Intense Guy said...

Some people have a lot of nerve or are just plain thoughtless.

You were very nice to do what you did. :)

Cathryn said...

I think some people try to get the cheapest price for things. And some people simply can't read scales. It's good that you sort of made up the difference by rounding up like that--that way the farmer doesn't lose totally on his produce.

I love our local farmer's market--it has what I don't have in my garden.