Saturday, June 19, 2010

Noodle has a pool party

As promised, I will blog about Noodle's birthday. First an update on Zoe. Her labs were all clean and the vet sent her home with antibiotics and a return visit on Monday. She is a little slow this morning but her crate was clean so no overnight illness. Thank you for all the support and comments.

Noodle invited three of her classmates to her pool party. They are such sweet, nice kids and they had so much fun.

They played volleyball the best they could. Even with the net weighted to the pool bottom it still blew around. They adapted. 

They tossed Noodle around. She is so small compared to her classmates!

I think their favorite game was jousting on the blow up fish. They loved those toys!

Somewhere in there is a child!

I made cute little cupcakes that were devoured. Luckily I remember to get a shot before they were all gone!

Sophie did not want any presents. In fact this is her first party. We usually do not have parties, just a family celebration. Sophie did ask her friends to bring dog or cat food and we are going to deliver it to the shelter next week.

After the party we ordered pizza and while we were waiting for the food, Zoe got sick. I took this picture of her during the pool party. Doesn't look like a sick dog to me. If not for the fact I saw what came out of both ends of her, I would tend to think she faked an illness just to get a ride in the pick up!

When man of the house and Zoe got home, we had cake and presents! It's good to be 11!


Lyndsey said... sweet is she?! You've done such a good job with her, for an eleven year old ask for no presents just food for animal shelters, that's great! Looks like so much fun! Happy Birthday Sophie!

I feel so bad about Zoe, hope everything is okay with her. She part of the family!

Oklahoma Granny said...

So glad to hear Zoe is better. The party looks like a fun time for the kids. Is that a Teddy Graham sunbathing on the beach? Too cute!

drlobojo said...

"It's good to be 11!"
Yep, long about the end of the 12th year life begins its long intrusion. I've spent most of my life trying to get back to being 11or 12 years old.
Indeed probably 60% of the commerce on eBay is about people trying to recover those things that reflect or remind them of that time of youth.
I figure the only way I'll get back to 11 is to put a 1 in front of it, 111. So I'm working on it.
Great looking kid there.

That corgi :) said...

cupcake looked good, Joan!! cute idea to make them for the party! looks like Noodle had a great time at her party and what a sweet gesture to have her guests bring cat/dog food for the local shelter! what a sweetie!

wonder if Zoe got overheated or something or overexcited with the party and that's what made her sick. I know for some reason whenever Koda gets his stress colitis, the doctors are always worried about if he had vomited or not (hardly ever with that, throws up if he drinks water too fast when he is overheated or if he eats too fast sometimes). I'm hoping the antibiotics do the trick for her, glad she is doing a little better today. bland diet might be good too for her; I'm thinking the vet probably recommmended that


Okie Book Woman said...

Eleven is a great age, and Noodle is a cutie. That pool looks wonderful!

Glad your little dog is better.

Cathryn said...

Your daughter stole my heart with asking for food for the local shelter! Congratulations Birthday Girl on such a terrific party!

Kathy said...

What wonderful pictures and what a thoughtful young lady with regard to the gifts. Giving is a wonderful thing. Hope Zoe is better.