Thursday, June 24, 2010


I'm cheating on my doctor, my rheumatologist. She doesn't do it for me anymore. I need some one who excites me and gives me hope. So, I'm seeing her while waiting on an appointment from another doctor. Don't tell her...

In all seriousness, I saw my primary care doctor for my annual exam on Tuesday. I had blood drawn for her the day after I had blood drawn for my rheumy. I posted that my liver enzymes were bad from the results my rhuemy had drawn. But, one day later, from the labs my primary doc ran, two numbers were normal and the other had dropped considerably. So what can cause a spike like that? Doc thinks I was passing gallbladders stones. I do have some symptoms of gallbladder problems. Yesterday I had an ultrasound and should hear from my doc tomorrow.

It has been nearly two weeks since my last dose of methotrexate and a week since my first dose of humira. I haven't even filled my humira prescription. I am going to wait until I hear from my doc whether I will need gallbladder surgery. Yesterday the pain and inflammation began to sneak back into my joints. This morning I am stiff and sore but it isn't too bad.

I'll spare you any pictures of gallbladders. This is one of my rare, picture-less blogs.


Parsley said...

What a bummer. I'm sorry you don't feel good. If you haven't done it yet, try doing without all nutrasweet for a month and see if it lessens your pain. It helped some in our family.

Cathryn said...

First, I hope you feel better soon! Second, I cheat on my doctors all the time--I don't take the full strength on the prescriptions they give me because of all the horrid side effects I suffer from--mainly chest pains. They want me to take more and more medications--when it's the medications causing the problems. So I think it's ok to cheat on your doctor when they aren't listening.

That corgi :) said...

good you are seeking out a new rheumatologist, Joan; has to be someone you trust and can have a good relationship with and have confidence in I'm sure. icky about the gallbladder/stones! hoping you can avoid surgery if at all possible (what did I do on my summer vacation? I had surgery--hoping that won't be how you will share what you did when you return to the classroom come fall)

my FIL just got diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (did I tell you this already? another senior moment here, LOL) but he's going to be 87 in September. He's on prednisone right now (not sure if they are going to put him on a disease modifying drug) and the prednisone has taken care of his symptoms (but I wouldn't want to stay permanently on that medicine)

okay, enough rambling from me

I'm hopeful you get some answers with what is going on with your gallbladder, etc today and that it is good news


Anonymous said...

Wow, just what you needed: gallbladder trouble in addition to bad side effects from rheuma drugs.

Here's hoping that there will be no need for surgery and that, as the MTX leaves your body, your liver will recover and you'll be able to start the Humira without worries. This disease -- I swear, it's aggravating, frustrating and often, scary. And it's so unpredictable.

My thoughts are with you, Joan. I'm sending all the care, compassion, warmth and courage I can to you through the ether. Looking forward to an update, too...

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear about the gallstones. I know how much they hurt.