Friday, June 25, 2010

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

These sweet babies were dumped in our neighborhood a few days ago. They scared the bejeebuz out of me when I saw them at my front door, licking the side windows and freaking out the cats. Luckily the corgis were in the house. 

I called animal control but we are county and was referred to the sheriff's department. As I was calling, a sheriff's truck came down the street. Another neighbor had called. He informed me he could not do anything because the county does not have a leash law. But he said he could call a rescue organization and they might come get the dogs. Great! I felt like a prisoner in my own house because these dogs initially looked very mean. There was no way I was going to let Chloe and Zoe out in the yard either. 

The sheriff returned and told me the gal from the rescue was going to come get the dogs but it could be an hour or more. He asked if I could contain the dogs in some way. I wanted to say no. I wanted him to take the dogs away. But I couldn't. I have the perfect pen, and these dogs never asked to be dumped. See the female? The one on the right? She was in terrible shape and it was heartbreaking. 

I told the officer he would have to get the dogs in the kennel. He did. I got them water and patted their heads. I told the officer my dogs were not going to be happy about this at all!

The gal from the rescue arrived about two hours later and I gave her the food we had collected at Sophie's party. That worked out pretty well. I'm really glad she and her organization were able to get these dogs. 

After she left, I did wash down the kennel area and let the local inspector check it out.


Parsley said...

It makes me wonder how mean people are when they dump off dogs. You did the proper thing and I admire you for going through the channels to get them to a shelter.

Territory Mom said...

I bet that was scary. It is so sweet that you took care of them, way to go!!!

Carrie said...

Hope the doggies find a loving home. Must be a reason why Sophie asked for dog food. We are so proud of both of your daughters.

Cathryn said...

Unfortunately this is one of the side effects of the economic crisis our country is in. Dogs and cats, along with other animals are dumped daily with the thought--"They'll survive on their own." Or "Some one will take them in." There's not thought that #1) animals often do not survive on their own and #2) the people who they think will take in their responsibilities are already overloaded by other thoughtless jerks!

Sorry--sore spot for me. I'm glad you found them a temporary situation where now they have a better chance of surviving and finding a responsible new family!

Angela said...

That is sad but you did the right thing. I would have been scared too- you never know what those dogs have been through and what kind of temper they might have had...

One of our dogs is half pit and we raised him from a very tiny pup. He has never been mistreated a day in his life but he still acts totally crazy from time to time... I can't explain it. I don't trust him at all around my niece and nephew. I love him and he has never bitten or attacked anyone but he is just a tad crazy at times. So, that leads me to believe that maybe it does have a little something to do with the breed.

Our other dog (half lab/half beagle) is well adjusted and very friendly.

liz said...

Poor little doggies! I just can't understand why people do that when the shelter here has 24 hour, no questions asked, drop off. I'm glad you were able to pass on the dog food, though!

The Castro Family said...

What a blessing that they found you! You may have saved their lives. Too bad there weren't more people like you out there!

Intense Guy said...

Wow. I hope these two find a good home - I know times are hard but people that do this to a pet make me wonder about humankind.

Even if it was an ordeal for you - I too am glad they "found" you.

Hmm... the picture of the "local inspector" is so precious! :)