Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back to work!

I am sorry about neglecting this blog lately. I don't have any excuse at all. I've spent a ridiculous amount of time by the pool, playing with corgis, organizing some closets, and just trying to tie up some lose ends before the mad rush back to school. This week I will work three days. Next week I will probably put in two or three. School starts the 16th for me and the 19th for the critters.

RA update: I saw the doctors last Wednesday and she said my response to humira is remarkable and that my prognosis is excellent. *huge sigh of relief!* I have felt so much better. There is mild pain in the affected joints, but that is from the damage from the disease. But, the swelling is nearly gone and there is no inflammation. My liver is happy too. I won't say the "R" word, but this might be it, or the road to it. 

Have a wonderful day!


Oklahoma Granny said...

So glady you've been enjoying your summer. It will soon be back-to-school and you'll wonder where the summer went.

Angela said...

Yay!! Great news for your health!! Glad you have been enjoying your last bits of Summer!