Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lovely blogs

Amanda at All Flared Up, one of my favorite blogs by a gal living with rheumatoid arthritis, passed on to my this sweet little award. I like these recognitions, that people like my blog. Now it is my turn to pass on a little blog love. Please visit these blogs that I find lovely, either in appearance, or in their heart.

At Heart of a Cowgirl you can see bunnies very single Sunday. Bunny Sunday is my favorite blog post every weekend.

Laurie at a capacity for joy has an incredibly lovely blog. She used to work for a sophisticated magazine but now keeps her talents all her to herself and shares them with us. Her blog is a feast for the eyes.

Parsley at Seasons of my Mind has the cutest backgrounds! They change all the time and are wonderful I bet she changes her clothes several times a day!

Beth at The Education of Mrs. Howard is a real live friend of mine. She writes with a really entertaining voice. 


Hannah said...


Joan said...

Why thank you! You might enjoy reading Mrs. Howard's blog.


The Castro Family said...

Hooray!!! Congrats!!
And, if I may say, your blog is DEFINITELY one. lovely. blog.

Anonymous said...
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