Sunday, August 01, 2010

Take me out to the ballgame!

We spent last night at the ballpark watching the OKC Redhawks lose to the Iowa Cubs. It was a good game despite the heat early in the evening and the oppressive humidity that followed when the sun went down. 

When we found our seats, one was taken by this elderly woman and she refused to move. We decided to just move down a seat instead of making a scene. Of course the owner of the one seat we took that did not belong to us (because mean lady was in our seat!) arrived and we had to move to another seat that did not belong to us. We hopped around that section all evening because we kept getting booted from seats that did not belong to us. Mean lady never moved once!

Before the game we met our friends for dinner at a place that overlooked the park. It was cool in there. We should have stayed.

I had this wonderful Mediterranean pizza. 

For some reason the San Diego chicken was there and he was hilarious! The girls loved his antics and he kept them entertained. Good thing because they are not big baseball fans. Well, none of us are big fans of baseball, but we are big fans of the people who invited us to go and that made it fun for all of us. Well, that and the San Diego chicken.


Teresa @ ♥ TOO MANY HEARTBEATS ♥ said...

Mean lady - BOO! How unkind was that? Did she think she was in 'her' seat or did she just not care?

I'm glad you still had fun. I'm not a big baseball fan. I {{heart}} football though and it is about time for the preseason games to start. WOOT!

I hope you and your beautiful family are enjoying a great Sunday together.


Teresa <><

Oklahoma Granny said...

The San Diego Chicken is a hoot! So sorry to hear there was someone at the game that wasn't very polite.

Tooje said...

Wow, you've got way more control than I do. My hubby would tell you right now, "she yells at everyone who's in our seats". It's true. I do. I would have stood there until she kindly moved. If she didn't move, I'd stand over here and send my husband to get the usher. Just the way it is....the first time you had to move b/c people showed up would have been her last chance to get her arse up on her own and move. LOL

Okay, can you tell I get irritated with people who take others' seats? It irks me to no end! I'm mad for you right now. :) Well, okay...not MAD....but...

I'm blog hopping today. Hope it was a great Monday!