Saturday, October 30, 2010

Photography Workshop

Recently I spent an incredible weekend at a photography workshop. I drove and wandered all over SW Oklahoma peeking into dusty windows, pulling over on lonely rural highways, and keeping my eyes on the light. 

Once the light is gone, there are no more pictures. 

I found her in one of those tiny rural towns. I'm sure once she modeled the latest fashions. 

Did someone live here once? Was it home for animals? Now only junk resides inside what is left of the walls.

I learned so much. Mostly I learned that I know so little. 

But, I took home a few cool shots.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Not blogging

Sorry folks but I have not felt like blogging lately. I feel bad about it too. I read some wonderful blogs and I have really nice followers. But I don't want to post something just to post.

I went to Quartz Mountain last weekend for a photography workshop and loved every minute of it. What stuck with me is my teacher telling us that we don't shoot pictures, we capture light.

Here is some light I captured...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A dream come true

 The lake at sunset

I'm headed to Quartz Mountain on Thursday to realize a dream. Every year I attend the Fall Arts Institute but I have never been able to get into the photography classes because they fill up so fast. This year I settled for an acting class in November. Last week they opened up another photography class and I got in! Three solid days of nothing but photography with an incredible teacher, in a stunning venue, no students, no grading, no chores...just me and my camera.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Taking the time...

I totally stole this idea from Mrs. Howard at The Education of Mrs. Howard. I encourage you to peek in at her writing. She has a wonderful voice.

Taking the time...

to be thankful.

Instead of wishing my class of kids were not so challenging this year...
   I will remind myself that I should be challenging them as much as they challenge me!

Instead of wishing I did not have to close up the pool...
   I will look forward to a fire in the fireplace soon.

Instead of wishing I could move back home...
   I will be grateful for the friendships here; in their infancy, but growing stronger.

Instead of wishing I did not have to take a handful of pills every morning...
   I am grateful that one keeps me grounded, one keeps me moving, one keeps me nourished, and one
   keeps me from living in constant pain.

Speaking of pain...

I am not so cliche that I will say something like, "Oh, I'm glad I got this disease (rheumatoid arthritis) because it has taught me to be grateful and .....blah, blah, blah..." No, I'm not grateful I have this disease. It hurts and every day I see what it has and is doing to my body. But, I will say, having a chronic, incurable disease, has made me look at life differently.

Instead of wishing away this disease....
   I will refuse to give in and despite it, I will keep going, keep moving, give in now and then and just say  "@#$##@#$%%!!!!!!"

Saturday, October 02, 2010


Older daughter turned 15 on the 20th of last month. She's making noises about driving a car soon. I shut her up with cinnamon rolls.

She had to settle for boots.

Seriously, she is 15?!! How did that happen? 

Today is my birthday. This is my last year I get to say I am in my forties. It has been a wonderful decade. Because I am close to the half century mark, have an autoimmune disease, and have had some tummy trouble, my good doctor decided I could get a certain test one year early. She is thoughtful like that. So, if you have to have the test that starts with a "C" and ends with "olonoscopy", don't worry, it's not that bad and the drugs are goooooooooooood.