Thursday, January 20, 2011

Are my kids weird?

You know I teach 6th grade. You know I have two daughters. Did you know I worry that my girls are weird? 

Nearly all my students have Facebook accounts or are active on Myspace. My girls play Animal Jam. My students are expert texters. My girls have cell phones, but never text. They never make phone calls and the only people who call them are me and their dad.

My 6th graders listen to some very interesting music that I cannot play in my classroom. Noodle loves Journey and older daughter just had her dad add all his Dr. Who music to her mac. 

They are not completely sheltered. They know know about Facebook and Lady Ga Ga. They know text language but it drives them crazy when their Animal Jam "friends" use it. They know their classmates exist in a world they choose not to enter. 

But, they are happy. Older daughter has wonderful friends at school who are sweet and true and kind. Noodle has also developed some sweet friendships. But their lives are family centered. Their choices are home centered. Both would rather spend time at home, with each other, than hang out with friends.

They play games on their computers, play with their dogs, snuggle on the couch with dad and popcorn for a Saturday evening of Dr. Who or super hero cartoons. 

When my girls were young I followed my heart, but I also spent a lot of time reading about parenting and wondering if my choices were valid, or correct. I don't do that anymore. I'm surrounded by so many lost and neglected children that I don't really care if I'm not doing it "right". 

They may be weird, but it works for them!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Goodbye 2010

 I won't miss 2010. It has been one of the tougher years. But as I went through my pictures, I remembered some sweet, and not so sweet moments. 

The corgi-sisters enjoyed the January snow. We tired of it after about the third blast of the winter. It was beautiful though.

In late winter, older daughter auditioned for the Summer Arts Institute. She had two auditions and was selected as an alternate in creative writing. Unfortunately, no one dropped out and the call never came. But the experience she gained by just auditioning was very valuable. She will audition this month for this summer's institute.

With spring coming, we decided the red dirt hills had to go. The girls bid them farewell and man of the house bulldozed them flat. Our yard has nearly recovered from the machines and trucks that tore it up to put in the pool. Absolutely worth it!

Noodle paid homage to Betsy Ross in the 5th grade "Wax Museum".

Noodle also got to visit the Oklahoma Aquarium with her class in the spring. 

Summer break could not come soon enough. My calendar was full of appointments. I was officially diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and....

...on my bad days I would spend a lot of time here.

Zoe-zoe Bear came down with a scary illness that necessitated a quick trip to the vet. She was fine after some fluids and meds. Scared me silly though. 

Noodle celebrated her 11th birthday with a pool party.

We took a quick trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

We swam.....a lot!

School started again...

Last days in the pool...

Somebody turned 15 and got even goofier!

Another wonderful weekend at the Fall Arts Institute at Quartz Mountain.

Goofy friends made our holidays brighter.

I have some goals and resolutions, some written, most just in my head. Mostly I just want to keep the word "Simplicity" in my heart and mind and strive to simplify all areas. 

Good new year to you!