Thursday, January 20, 2011

Are my kids weird?

You know I teach 6th grade. You know I have two daughters. Did you know I worry that my girls are weird? 

Nearly all my students have Facebook accounts or are active on Myspace. My girls play Animal Jam. My students are expert texters. My girls have cell phones, but never text. They never make phone calls and the only people who call them are me and their dad.

My 6th graders listen to some very interesting music that I cannot play in my classroom. Noodle loves Journey and older daughter just had her dad add all his Dr. Who music to her mac. 

They are not completely sheltered. They know know about Facebook and Lady Ga Ga. They know text language but it drives them crazy when their Animal Jam "friends" use it. They know their classmates exist in a world they choose not to enter. 

But, they are happy. Older daughter has wonderful friends at school who are sweet and true and kind. Noodle has also developed some sweet friendships. But their lives are family centered. Their choices are home centered. Both would rather spend time at home, with each other, than hang out with friends.

They play games on their computers, play with their dogs, snuggle on the couch with dad and popcorn for a Saturday evening of Dr. Who or super hero cartoons. 

When my girls were young I followed my heart, but I also spent a lot of time reading about parenting and wondering if my choices were valid, or correct. I don't do that anymore. I'm surrounded by so many lost and neglected children that I don't really care if I'm not doing it "right". 

They may be weird, but it works for them!


Cathryn said...

Your girls are not weird...they are different. And be grateful they aren't so into their cell phones that they can APPRECIATE the finer things in life--like family, classic rock, and each other.

I see parents who complain all the time that their kids won't spend any time with them. Then I observe those same parents telling their kids to hold on while they "take this call" or "answer this text." Or they are on their cells while hauling their child from place to place without interacting with their children.

I salute you. :D

Hannah said...

It feels good to be weird.

The Planet Pink said...

Bring on weird! It's a much better alternative.

Angela said...

Your girls sound pretty great to me (and pretty cool too) It is a big thing to pass up all of that silly teen-age junk and just be mature, respectful young ladies. I like it!

Anonymous said...

Abby has a phone and never uses it, and her favorite song is by Kansas. Joey and Abby enjoy hanging out with my dad watching The Three Stooges or Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis movies. I don't think they are weird, I think they are well rounded. I think more kids should strive to be like your daughters, and the world would be a lot nicer.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Sounds like you are very engaged with your kids. As a cub scout den leader and past sunday school teacher I saw lots of young kids who were very cool and had the latest doodads but were miserable.

Anonymous said...

Good parenting is hard to beat. Your girls aren't weird, they're loved.


Whosyergul said...

Your girls are beautiful. I would rather be eccentric than "normal" anyday! I always just told my two to be themselves. They are both strong, successful people. My daughter is a lawyer and my son is working in a bank, planning to go to grad school.
It could always be could have REAL problems.
HUGS, Cheryl

Okie Book Woman said...

Love this! Like you, I've seen plenty of kids who wander through life absolutely lost. Your girls are obviously loved, and their "weirdness" shows it. My kids were weird, too. As adults they are "eccentric" (like their parents), but I wouldn't have it any other way.

farmlady said...

You are doing something RIGHT and you should be very,very proud of them.
Kids that are OK and not rebelling are being raised with love, understanding and a sense of family that makes their lives save and peaceful.
These are happy kids. You can see it in their faces.

shawna lynne henrie said...

theyre NOT weird...just like my kids.

Lisa H. said...

Your kids are not weird, they're just right! :) We built a cardboard box Tardis last summer and spent a lot of time traveling through the universe in our spare moments this year. :)