Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I watch too much TV. A lot if it makes me mad (news shows) but I keep watching.

Noodle got glasses. She is too cute, and nearsighted.

I closed my educator blog. Things seem to be getting uglier for teachers and bloggers are being targeted. I don't want to become the talk of this two-dog town.  I got an email from some one who said I was a coward to shut down the blog and not worthy of being in the classroom. See what I mean by ugly? I have no idea who this person is, they don't know me, but the internet allows us to hide and spew venom.

I had to resort to some pretty strong pain meds for this RA flare. I'm better, off the pain meds, and I think the Cimzia is giving me the tiniest bit of relief. It's a step in the right direction.

I had two kids suspended today. I cannot even begin to write about the things they said and did, but I'm so worried about my sweet noodle going on to Junior High with this group. I lose sleep at night.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

RA Update

It has been over a year since I entered the world of full-blown Rheumatoid Arthritis. There were signs earlier, but it was December 30th, 2009, when I sought help because of the intense pain and swelling in my hands and feet. Last year at this time I was still enjoying the benefits of a hefty steroid shot and would be begging for one every other month if I knew the docs would allow it. But steroids are not the solution and the side affects too great. 

Last spring I started Methotrexate but was taken off after my blood tests showed my liver wasn't happy. Humira was the answer, one injection every other week. It worked from July to September and I felt good. I thought maybe, just maybe, I was getting close to remission. But the pain returned, the swelling came back and the NSAIDs were not controlling the pain. Also, I decided to find a new doctor. My old doctor was ok, she listened sometimes, but she seemed more interested in just my physical reports and would dismiss my concerns and questions more often than not.

Last month I visited the new doc and she seems wonderful. She spent a lot of time with me and even ordered x-rays of my hands and feet. My other doc never x-rayed anything. I'm thinking that if my hands and feet have arthritic joints then an x-ray would be a no-brainer.

She took me off Humira, and the NSAID I was on. She prescribed Celelbrex and Cymzia, after labs she added vitamin D because I'm low. 

So, two weeks later I've yet to start the Cymzia because, of course, it is incredibly expensive and you just don't go to Walmart pharmacy and get you script filled. I am getting a free 12 week supply that has to be delivered and signed for. I have a "case manager" who is supposed to be calling me soon to see if the Cymzia can be delivered to my doc and then my husband can pick it up. If not then I will have to take a day off to receive the delivery. 

I have seven doses left of Humira. The value of those seven shots is about $4000. Because I received co-pay assistance from the manufacturer, I paid just $5 for for each shipment of six doses. I will be donating those doses to my doctor's clinic. They give them to people who do not have insurance. Yay! I hope they help someone.

So I am waiting to see if Cymzia will change my life. I hope so. In the meantime everyday is pain and stiffness. My mornings are tough. I feel the disease invading joints that were pain free a year ago. I wonder where I will be with this disease in five years? But I don't entertain that thought for long. I have things to do!

Saturday, February 05, 2011


As I was shooting some pictures yesterday, playing around with the new lens I got for Christmas, I got a few good shots of Chloe. I decided a post dedicated to just Chloe might be a good idea.

Chloe is energy, love, and entertainment all wrapped up in a tri-colored mess. She cannot wag her little corgi-nub without wiggling her entire rump.

She constantly believes she is being shortchanged if someone else is being petted, talked to, fed, looked at, and she is not. 

She is fascinated by Forrest the hamster.

She is Noodle's dog, but follows me every where.

She is easily trained. This week she learned to play dead when we point a finger at her and say "bang". Actually she learned it's all about the belly rub that follows.

Friday, February 04, 2011

The trouble with "snowdays"... we are truly snowed in. Our roads are not good and we have not been anywhere since Monday! Yikes!


So, four days of "snowdays" equal...

A lot time spent on the computer.

Following the news of Egypt via twitter, CNN, and blogs.

Lots of corgi snuggling.

Beans in my favorite red pot.

Homemade muffins.

Several books read, like this one. It was a pretty good book, but he wasn't the most skilled writer.

Did I mention corgi snuggles?

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snow days...

It's winter in Oklahoma and we are enjoying a few snow days.

 Two weeks ago we had a snow day and Older Daughter and Noodle used their time wisely. Older Daughter, with the help of daddy, constructed a double helix for biology class. Noodle built a Tardis.

 Monday night the blizzard of 2011 blew in and we haven't left the house since. The corgi sisters have been house bound. I let them out for quick potty breaks but when it is single and negative digits outside, I don't let them stay outside too long.

The roads are really bad. I would have no problem with a few more snow days.