Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I watch too much TV. A lot if it makes me mad (news shows) but I keep watching.

Noodle got glasses. She is too cute, and nearsighted.

I closed my educator blog. Things seem to be getting uglier for teachers and bloggers are being targeted. I don't want to become the talk of this two-dog town.  I got an email from some one who said I was a coward to shut down the blog and not worthy of being in the classroom. See what I mean by ugly? I have no idea who this person is, they don't know me, but the internet allows us to hide and spew venom.

I had to resort to some pretty strong pain meds for this RA flare. I'm better, off the pain meds, and I think the Cimzia is giving me the tiniest bit of relief. It's a step in the right direction.

I had two kids suspended today. I cannot even begin to write about the things they said and did, but I'm so worried about my sweet noodle going on to Junior High with this group. I lose sleep at night.


farmlady said...

Wow!! You need a vacation.... or maybe a different job. Life is throwing everything at you.
I'm sorry about the RA flare up. I hear that this is really awful pain. I hope the meds work well for you. I have arthritis in my feet and I have pain too, but I don't think it even touches what you are experiencing.
The TV news IS awful!The media is feeding the fire of revolution. I sometimes have to turn it off because I get so angry.
Concentrate on those daughters of yours... They are the future and they are beautiful.

That corgi :) said...

I think a teacher has a very hard job; hubby was telling me he heard on the news in Detroit they were going to be closing schools and class sizes could be as high as 60 students in the future (can you imagine?) Teachers are underpaid and overworked yet dedicated people like you go into the field because of your desire to educate kids and your love for them. Sad situation all around. Whoever wrote that email is a coward if they are hiding behind their computer and writing derogatory things like that. I think you made the best choice you did about closing down your teacher's blog.

as you know, middle school is a hard time in kids' lifes; lots of prayer, lots of prayer.......


Taz said...

First let me start by saying: YOU TEACHERS ARE FAR UNDER APPRECIATED. Now that said, my son is autistic with bipolar and he had awesome support once we learned how to navigate the IEP to be adventageous for both us and the school. He bloomed. What was difficult were the bullies & they are not in short supply. Children today are out of hand and need to be taught discipline!!

Now, about being a teacher, the news and a renegade govenor - I don't envy either side of this issue right now. I have great fear this is going to get ugly. I believe teachers are underpaid and over worked. I find politicians award themselves far too much power and it needs to change.

I feel bad that you felt you needed to close your other blog. Shame on them whoever them is!!

Gentle hugs and may your flare pass on quickly.

Kelly L said...

I know what you mean on all counts.. anonymous haters and junior high is the WORST... my youngest daughter is in 7th and the stories she comes home with - my mother in law was a counselor for over 30 years in a junior high and she scared the crap out me... and today my sister in law teaches 7th grade English and she was telling me how rude the kids are.. They will flat out cuss her out... It is very sad really...

Love to you
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The Castro Family said...

Don't worry about those sweet girls of yours. You've raised them right, and that will shine through. It's so sad how negative people are. They can't stand people who are happy and do good things. You have a lot of supportive friends still here for you!!

Cathryn said...

This whole thing about teachers being targeted is really pissing me off. Between the one teacher's blog who made national news and the issue in Wisconsin and the UGLINESS directed at teachers all across our nation just upsets me. I teach college-level students who cannot read or write. Do I blame their former teachers? No. The blame lies also with society's willing to pass students on whether they are ready or not, and parents.

I know you took down you other blog. I cried when I realized WHY you made this decision--because you're so right. Teachers every where are being targeted. It's really a shame that you and others feel the need for self-preservation. Your blog was helpful to me--a college level teacher. It's one of the few blogs I could read and go "Oh Yes Sister--I know what you mean!"

And then we wonder why home-schooling and charter schools have a large appeal to the general public.

Okie Book Woman said...

I am so sorry you felt that you needed to close your teacher blog. I always enjoyed it because your love for the kids, even the rude, problematic ones, and your dedication were evident. It is indeed a very difficult time to be a teacher.

I understand your fears for Noodle. I worried about that, too. Although there were challenges (especially during middle school), my kids survived and grew from the challenges. Those experiences have served them well as adults. I really believe that if kids have a strong grounding of right and wrong and feel loved, they will do all right, even though it is certainly not a great situation. I'm betting that Noodle is a strong young lady.

Joan said...

You words this week have comforted me. Despite the bad rap teachers seem to be getting, I am still incredibly proud and feel blessed that I get to do this every day. Even this year, hard as it has been, will only make me a better teacher.

Noodle will be ok, she is amazing. But sending her on to Junior High with this group will definitely be a leap of faith.

Thank you!

shawna lynne henrie said...

she will be ok. those kids will just make it more clear to her how NOT to be. she's got a great mom and a good home to come home to. she will be alright. dont worry.

Intense Guy said...

You are a great teacher - there are, as in every case, a few bad apples in every bunch - no matter what the bunch does... its a condition of the human race. And since this is the case, there are some really awful parents too... and numerically since there are more "parents" then "teachers" there are more "bad parents" then "bad teachers". But "blame pointing" is pointless. All of humankinds problem(s) are ALL of ours.

Noodle has one very infectious grin! :)

Ninny said...

It's been a while since I have read my favorite blogs, but I'm back (sort of). So sorry to hear about the flare-up with your RA. I can't imagine living in with chronic pain in your profession. The stress can't be good for your health. That being said, I understand why you shut your other blog down. Teachers in Ok are put under a microscope and their every move is questioned for evil motives. Who needs to ask for trouble? Our new state supt is out for a cleansing and it's best to lie under the radar and just keep doing what you've always done: teach the children you love to teach! Best wishes for a peaceful end of year....after Spring break it's all downhill.