Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break Zooms on by...

Where did it go? What did I do?

* I graded a lot of 6th grade poetry anthologies filled with lines of similes, onomatopoeia, alliterations, and metaphors that made me grimace, smile, sigh, and laugh.

* I got my first pedicure. I'm not completely sure I liked it. I'm not sure I'll have a second pedicure.

* I accompanied man of the house to the doctor to investigate some strange symptoms he has had and basically he's fine and I'm glad.

* I spent a lot of time following the horror in Japan. 

* A this moment I am watching us attack Libya. I want to say "Really? I get it, but do we really need to do this now?" 

* I spent one day at work planning for the remainder of the year. These next nine weeks will be the toughest, but there are just nine weeks left!

RA Update - I think the Cimzia is working. I'm still stiff in the morning and there is pain, but I am feeling so much better. I have been on my treadmill every day and have even walked the dogs. I see my doc in April and she may add Plaquenil. If the Cimzia keeps working and she adds the Plaquenil, then remission might be possible. Not probable, but possible.


That corgi :) said...

that would be nice if you got a remission, Joan! times without pain I am sure you are grateful for. Having a chance to walk the dogs is a good thing too!

soon, in sight, nine weeks! then summer!!


Territory Mom said...

Praying for you. I know it will be hard for you and your students to get back in the swing of things especially since the weather is nice. Glad your hubby is okay. It is great that he went to the doctor. We have to go to the doctor we have to take care of ourselves.

Anonymous said...

I did nothing during spring break! Big plans to clean the house and slay the dustbunnies were laid aside as I slept in, savored morning coffees, and played on the computer. Okay, a few closets were cleaned, but that's it. To make up snow days, I'll be in class until the end of May, but I don't care as long as it isn't cold. Hope your RA is better and glad your Man of the House is okay, too.

Kelly L said...

I have lupus (been in remission for about 15 years) but I still get the really stiff joints... It's hard to describe the pain to my husband - well honey, it's the joint at the bottom of my thumb but it moves to my other fingers.. No it's not carpal tunnel but... any hoo.. It's hard to believe this school year is almost over.. Yesterday I had a parent/teacher conference with my 7th grader's teacher... She got all A's except in PE she got a B... Which is crazy.. She's an incredible competitive athlete.. It was more crazy when we walked out of the class and her Science teacher walked up to me and told me that my kid beat out everyone in extreme Frisbee and that she was a stud.. had to laugh.. So I asked my kid - what's up with the B in PE.. She said - I don't like the stuff we're doing and I don't try.. I talk to my friends... I'm thinking that she'll be getting an A next trimester...
I hope the Cimzia continues to work.. and you will be pain free soon!
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Intense Guy said...

:) Such a nice bit of good news!!! Its great to hear about your RA meds working - and your hubby being found in good health!

Did you actually have some "Spring" weather during spring break?