Saturday, April 02, 2011

Being the Story of a Mouse, a Princess, Some Soup, and a Spool of Thread

My English classes are enjoying a novel study of "The Tale of Despereaux". It is such a sweet story and because they all have prior knowledge of the book, we are really able to dig deep into the literary elements. 

Roscuro stealing the cape.

I decided to enhance the unit by having them create a diorama of a scene from the novel. They really did an amazing job!

Despereaux with his needle-sword

This one is Noodle's. I love it!

Despereaux in the library reading the fairytale.
This boy made all the little books and the bookcases.

"A rat in my soup!"
The queen dies because a rat lands in her soup!

While we were oohing and ahhing over dioramas at the upper elementary school, the high school AP English classes were oohing and ahhing down at the Renaissance Faire in Norman. 

Older daughter actually let someone touch her locks while she was there. I love it!


Intense Guy said...

It's amazing how "crafty" and talented some kids are. I remember diaramas I made that even I couldn't figure out what they were... LOL!

Noodle and older daughter look happy! That's some hair-do!

Okie Book Woman said...

Those dioramas are awesome. I really must read that book. It's been on my "Must Read" list for a LONG time.

And Older Daughter's hair is so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Aww I love the mice scenes, especially the first one and Noodle's! Hannah looks absolutely gorgeous with her side braid and flowers. Miss you guys!

The Castro Family said...

How cute!! I love that there are still kids that take time to use their imaginations to do such wonderful work!! Absolutely adorable! And what Lovely Locks you have there, young lady!! *LOVE* the red hair!! :)