Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hits like a girl

Sixth graders are rough and rowdy. 
They travel in unruly packs. 
They push and shove and hit. 
A lot of my management involves curbing this behavior. 
One of my boys came in from recess the other day rubbing his upper arm. 
He said "Man, 'K' hits like a guy!"  
I said " 'K', keep your hands to yourself." 
And to the boy I said "No, she hits like a girl." 


Okie Book Woman said...

Hooray for girls! Sixth graders are a hoot.

Oh, I love that black kitty you've added to your blog. Where did he come from?

The Castro Family said...

Ha ha! Sounds about right!

Intense Guy said...

*shakes head*

What's with the hitting? Have we no manners left?